Nippon Instruments North America



Volume 28
Issue 12

Nippon Instruments North America is the regional office for Nippon Instruments Corporation-Japan.

Company Description

Nippon Instruments North America is the regional office for Nippon Instruments Corporation-Japan. Nippon Instruments has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality mercury analyzers. With an absolute focus on mercury analyzers, Nippon Instruments offers mercury analyzers for just about every application. From systems for most EPA methods to direct mercury analyzers to online monitoring systems to specially designed systems for the petrochem industry, Nippon Instruments has a mercury analyzer for your laboratory.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy

  • Atomic fluorescence spectroscopy

Major Products/Services

  • Model MA-3000 Mercury Analyzer: A direct mercury analyzer that allows for mercury analysis of just about any matrix without the need for sample preparation.

  • Model RA-4300 Series Mercury Analyzers: Discrete-baseddesign to simplify mercury analysis by CVAAS for basic EPA methods and more.

  • Model RA-4500 Mercury Analyzer: A unique analyzer that performs the typical EPA Method 245.1 analysis in a fully automatic sequence, including sample preparation.

  • Model PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer: A specifically designed mercury analyzer for direct, automated analysis of mercury in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

  • Model EMP-2 Mercury Meter: A portable meter for mercury monitoring in ambient air and other gases (including LPG/LNG), as well as portable mercury analysis in waters and a portable CEM option.

  • Model WA-5 A/F Mercury Analyzer: The company's latest creation includes the ability to measure low to trace levels of mercury in the atmosphere and other gases. The WA-5 comes in two versions (AA or AF) and a variety of options that include an air tube autosampler, direct LNG/LPG sampler, and more.


Nippon Instruments North America has a primary office in College Station, Texas, that maintains instrument and spare part inventories, as well as serves as the home office for North America. Nippon Instruments Corporation currently maintains offices in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, as well as an additional office in Singapore.

Nippon Instruments North America

1511 Texas Ave S #270

College Station, TX 77840


(979) 774-3800


(979) 774-3807