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Volume 21
Issue 4

Product Resources - Atomic

PDA spectrophotometer

The model U-0080D photodiode-array spectrophotometer, designed to meet the requirements of biotechnology laboratories, is equipped with standard DNA/RNA analysis software. The spectrophotometer reportedly is capable of measuring the entire wavelength range within 0.05 seconds. The instrument can analyze trace amounts. Hitachi High Technologies America, San Jose, CA;

X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer

The S8 TIGER wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer from Bruker AXS features an integrated touch screen, a user interface that reportedly requires minimal training, and automatic recognition of liquid and solid samples to adjust spectrometer conditions for safe handling. It can analyze all elements in a variety of sample types and is designed for industrial process control applications such as petrochemical, mining, steel manufacturing, and cement. Bruker AXS Inc., Madison, WI;

Concentric nebulizer

The C-Flow concentric nebulizer for ICP from Savillex Corporation is molded out of PFA and is chemically resistant to most matrices. The nebulizer is designed with a straight, fixed capillary and a one-piece gas port. According to the company, the nebulizer performs consistently at multiple flow rates and provides high sensitivity and low oxides. Savillex Corporation, Minnetonka, MN;

Transportable ICP spectrometer

The Prodigy-Mobile Lab transportable simultaneous ICP spectrometer from Teledyne Leeman Labs is designed to provide accessibility to laboratory-quality ICP-AES instrumentation in field operation. The spectrometer includes an integral suspension system to isolate the instrument from drive train, road, and shock hazards. Teledyne Leeman Labs, Hudson, NH;

Extraction devices

Varian, Inc. offers two OMIX Array solid phase extraction devices for bioanalytical sample preparation. The micro extraction pipette tips for TOMTEC's Quadra instruments reportedly eliminate the need for vacuum processing. The 96-well plates feature small-bed processing capabilities in an SBS-compatible device designed to interface with standard 96-well liquid-handling equipment used in bioanalytical research. Varian, Inc., Palo Alto, CA;

Portable XRF analyzers

Innov-X's Alpha Series handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzers are designed to provide fast, precise, and nondestructive elemental identification in materials ranging from plastics, soils, and alloys to liquids, powders, and coatings. Applications include electronics RoHS/WEEE screening, scrap metal recycling, quality assurance of precious metals, and environmental monitoring. Innov-X Systems, Woburn, MA;

High purity salts and solutions

GFS Chemicals uses its high purity acids to manufacture salts and solutions used in trace metal analysis. According to the company, a metals basis purity of 99.999% characterizes many of its matrix modifiers and ionization buffers, such as NH4H2PO4, NH4NO3, Ni(NO3)2:6H2O, Mg(NO3)2:6H2O, Pd(NO3)2:H2O, LaCl3:7H2O, La(NO3)3:6H2O, KCl, KNO3, and LiNO3. GFS Chemicals, Inc., Powell, OH;

Instruments and supplies

SCP Science's Instruments and Supplies catalog includes products such as the company's high-volume DigiPREP LS metal digestion system, a variety of DigiSEP solid phase extraction cartridges, and PlasmaPURE Plus high purity acids. SCP Science, Champlain, NY;

X-Ray spectrometer

Amptek's model X-123 X-ray spectrometer is a low power (1.2 W) module that includes an X-ray detector and preamplifier, a digital pulse processor, and a power supply. The spectrometer includes a USB or RS 232 computer connection and is designed to work with the company's detectors. Amptek, Inc., Bedford, MA;

Spray chambers

Glass Expansion announces the Tracey PFA44 spray chambers for ICP-MS. According to the company, the spray chambers' ultrapure PFA material makes them suitable for ultratrace ICP-MS analyses. The material is inert, allowing the spray chamber to be used with all common solutions. Glass Expansion, Inc., Pocasset, MA;

ICP emission spectrometers

Thermo Electron's iCAP 6300 and 6500 ICP emission spectrometers are designed to be the most compact ICP emission spectrometers available on the market. The spectrometers feature the company's charge injection device detector; a high-power, solid-state RF generator; a distributed purge system; and automated wavelength calibration. Thermo Electron, Waltham, MA;

Acid stills

SPEX CertiPrep's sub-boiling acid stills employ infrared heaters to distill impurities through surface evaporation without boiling. A single distillation can reduce most impurities below parts per billion. Acids are available in dimensions of 27W x 27D x 60H. The PTFE still handles all acids except sulfuric acid, and the Quartz still handles all acids except hydrofluoric acid. Both stills produce 50 mL/h of operation. SPEX CertiPrep, Metuchen, NJ;

Custom standards

Inorganic Ventures offers its line of custom standards. Designed to perform with efficient precision, the standards come with a certificate of analysis, which is included to provide chemists with the information they'll need to achieve successful analyses. Inorganic Ventures, Lakewood, NJ;

Elemental analyzer

The Eagle III XPL micro-EDXRF spectrometer from EDAX is now available with an optional primary-beam-filter accessory that reportedly improves detection limits. The spectrometer uses capillary optics, CCD video imaging cameras, and a motorized xyz stage for nondestructive small-spot analysis correlated with video imaging. Features include simultaneous detection of elements ranging from Na through U, and little or no sample preparation requirements. Typical applications include forensics, failure analysis, coating thickness-composition measurement, quality control, and chemical imaging. EDAX, Mahwah, NJ;

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