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Special Issues

Spectroscopy SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2014
Volume 29
Issue 12

Company Description

TechnoSpex focuses on Raman spectroscopy solutions, especially coupled with microscopy techniques or system. With a team of industrial veterans providing optical-spectroscopy, -microscopy, and -imaging solutions with more than 20 years of practical experience, we offer high performing yet cost effective and versatile optical and spectroscopy systems.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Raman spectroscopy

Markets Served

TechnoSpex is a dynamic solution provider with focus on Raman spectroscopy related instrumentation and services. Our current market focus is on micro-Raman spectroscopy, but we have a line of R&D projects complementing and enhancing the advantages that Raman offers for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Major Products/Services

TechnoSpex currently offers our flagship uRaman series of products. Our uRaman-M module empowers existing microscopes with Raman spectroscopy or imaging capabilities. The uRaman-Ci is a complete micro-Raman system and comes with a Nikon Ci-L microscope. We offer research grade sensitivity and performance, but at a fraction of the cost and footprint. The 532-nm, 633-nm, and 785-nm models with cooled or uncooled detectors are available. The uRaman-M modules can also be stacked and used concurrently, as well as together with standard microscopy techniques such as polarization, fluorescence, DIC, dark-field, and so forth.


TechnoSpex operates from Singapore, with our R&D team in close collaboration with the local research institutes and universities.

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