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Spectroscopy SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2015
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Company Description

TechnoSpex is a technology solution provider specializing in micro-spectroscopy. With a team of industrial veterans providing optical-spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging solutions with more than 20 years of practical experience, we offer high performing yet cost effective and versatile optical and spectroscopy system.


Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Raman spectroscopy

  • UV-VIS–NIR spectroscopy

  • Fluorescence

Markets Served

Technospex work closely with customers from academics to industries to provide unique solutions to solve their problems which are often covered by non-disclosure agreements.

Major Products/Services

  • uRaman-Ci is a complete Raman micro-spectroscopy system. The system encompasses a Raman spectroscopy module integrated with Nikon-Ci series research-grade microscope. Options of 532 nm, 633 nm, or 785 nm with cooled or uncooled detectors are available. The system is easily upgradable with Raman mapping function by adding a motorized XY stage. The uRaman system offers multimodality imaging capabilities such as Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence, DIC and polarization. This provides additional dimension of information.

  • uSight-X is similar to uRaman-Ci in terms of in-built laser options and optics within the modules. It however differs by giving users the flexibility to connect to an external spectrometer of their choice. This caters to the needs of customers who want to purchase a larger research-grade spectrograph or own an existing one.

  • uSight-2000 is a micro-spectroscopy system which enable users to carry out UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, absorbance, and transmittance measurement. A spot indicator will illuminate the sample so that user is able to select exact imaging location. The imaging spot can be as small as <1 µm-diameter, dependent on the objective lens used.


TechnoSpex is located in Singapore with the R&D team working hand in hand with renown local research institutes and world top 100 ranked universities.

TechnoSpex Pte Ltd.
1092 Lower Delta Road
#04-01 Singapore 169203

+65 6276 6928

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