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Spectroscopy SupplementsSpecial Issues-05-01-2009
Volume 0
Issue 0


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From the Editor 6

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57th ASMS Conference Preview 10

Helen A. Castro

Accelerated Discovery and Quantitation of Lipids in Complex Extracts 12

Brigitte Simons, Gary Impey, and Eva Duchoslav

Anatomy of an Ion's Fragmentation After Electron Ionization, Part I 18

O. David Sparkman, Patrick R. Jones, and Matthew Curtis

High Performance Mass Spectrometry for Small Molecule and Protein Applications 30

Darwin Asa

The Role of Triple Quadrupole GC–MS in Steroid Analysis 33

Aishah Latiff and Melissa Churley

Using High-Resolution LC–MS to Analyze Complex Sample 38

Markus Kellman, Andreas Wieghaus, Helmut Muenster, Lester Taylor, and Dipankar Ghosh

Structured Approach to Method Development for Bioanalytical HILIC–MS-MS Applications 44

A. Carl Sanchez and Monika Kansal

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