VALO Tidal ultrafast fiber laser:<50 fs and now with 2 W!


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VALO Tidal

VALO Tidal

HÜBNER Photonics, manufacturer of high-performance lasers for advanced imaging, detection and analysis, proudly announces the next generation of VALO Femtosecond Series lasers, the VALO Tidal. The new VALO Tidal delivers pulse durations of typically 40 fs and is now available with 2 W of output power.

The proprietary fiber laser technology of the VALO Femtosecond Series lasers, delivers an even higher optical bandwidth than the gain bandwidth due to a perfect interaction of linear and nonlinear effects. This unique design means that the passively cooled VALO lasers can generate clean ultrafast optical pulses with pulse durations below 50 fs at unmatched peak power levels of >2 MW. Due to the exceptional peak power and wide spectral bandwidth, which covers the range of 1000 -1100 nm, the VALO Tidal is ideally suited for simultaneous second and third harmonic imaging using standard microscope objectives. The integrated dispersion pre-compensation unit means the user can benefit from the advantages of exceptional peak power and wide spectral bandwidth, for most nonlinear applications not only high harmonic imaging, but also for broadband terahertz generation, and nonlinear wafer inspection.

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