The basic characteristics of variable filter array (VFA) spectrometers, both near- and mid-infrared, make them well suited for routine infrared analysis applications outside and inside the laboratory. The performance of this spectrometer is discussed here.

The second installment of this two-part series illustrates further technical principles and applications of the most common mass analyzers used in bioanalytical laboratories today, as well as novel techniques and mass analyzer designs. Examples are based upon the authors' research in small molecule applications.

This column presents results from some computer experiments designed to assess a method of quantifying the amount of non-linearity present in a dataset, assuming that the test for the presence of non-linearity already has been applied and found that a measurable, statistically significant degree of non-linearity exists.

This study describes the development of a robust, high-throughput analytical method for the determination of 18 elements (15 trace elements and three electrolytes) in blood and serum samples using a collision/reaction cell quadrupole ICP-MS system.