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The 2020 Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy: Advancing Spectroscopy, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology

August 07, 2020


By combining single-molecule biophysics and nanomaterial-polymer science, Markita Landry of the University of California, Berkeley has developed new tools for understanding biological systems. Using a combination of nanoparticles, imaging, and spectroscopy, her work has led to discovery of the aspects of neuromodulation in the brain, and for the delivery of genetic materials into plants for crop biotechnology.

Micro-Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (Micro-SORS) for Research in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

May 21, 2020


In this interview, Dr. Claudia Conti, a senior researcher at the Institute of Heritage Science (ISPC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), talks about her work in micro-SORS. Conti is the winner of the 2020 Craver Award presented by the Coblentz Society, to be given at the 2020 SciX conference for her Raman research. The SciX conference is scheduled for October 11–16 in Sparks, Nevada. This interview is part of a series of interviews with winners of awards presented at SciX.

Outliers, Part II: Pitfalls in Detecting Outliers

February 01, 2018



How can you detect the presence of an outlier when it is mixed with multiple other, similar, samples?

Outliers, Part I: What Are Outliers?

June 01, 2017



Outliers are fundamentally a very fuzzy notion. Here, we try to clear up what outliers are and how they affect your data.