410-Solar-i Portable Solar Reflectometer

Press Release

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Precise solar reflectance and absorptance measurements from 330 nm–2500 nm using a modified integrating sphere and touchscreen interface for guided calibration, sample identification, and data display.

Conforming to ASTM standards for reflectance and absorptance measurements, the 410-Solar-i delivers results comparable to benchtop instruments at only 7 s per measurement. Software includes multiple solar irradiance function options, including air mass 0, 1, 1.5, and 2.0.

410-Solar-i is the newest addition to the SOC410 Series of handheld reflectometers and emissometers for characterization of materials used in space, heat island, concentrated solar power (CSP), semiconductor manufacturing, and heat transfer modeling applications.

Surface Optics Corporation
San Diego, CA