Call for Nominations: The 2023 Emerging Leader in Atomic Spectroscopy Award

The Emerging Leader in Atomic Spectroscopy Award recognizes the achievements and aspirations of a talented young atomic spectroscopist who has made strides early in his or her career toward the advancement of atomic spectroscopy techniques and applications.

The award will be given to a researcher who has focused the majority of his or her work in the field of analytical atomic spectroscopy, with direct contributions to inorganic mass spectrometry (MS), optical emission spectroscopy (OES), laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS), and/or X-ray techniques through original research on the development or advancement of theory, instrumentation, measurement techniques, or applications.

The winner must be within 10 years of receiving his or her PhD in the year the award is granted. The winner is chosen by an independent scientific committee.

A list of past winners can be found here.

Submission Deadline for the 2023 award is February 14, 2022

Submission Instructions

To nominate a candidate, please e-mail the following documents to Laura Bush, the editorial director of Spectroscopy, at

(1) Nomination document

Information about the person submitting the nomination:

Submitter’s name:

Submitter’s email address:

Submitter’s phone:

Relationship to candidate:

Information about the candidate:

  • Candidate’s full name
  • Current job title
  • Organization
  • Business address
  • Year PhD was earned and from where (list degree, year, institution, and location). Important: Candidates must be within 10 years of receiving their PhD in the year the award is granted.
  • Area(s) of focus of work
  • Short summary, in 100–200 words, of the candidate’s achievements or contributions (more details can follow in the sections below).
  • Please list the candidate’s five most important pieces of work (such as papers in peer-reviewed journals, technical reports written for an industrial community, or other) and explain briefly the significance of each.
  • Other key contributions to the field of atomic spectroscopy not captured above
  • Number of publications
  • Number of oral and poster presentations at scientific conferences
  • Service provided to the scientific community, such as volunteer work in scientific societies, work as a journal reviewer, and so on
  • Key awards and honors

(2) Letter of support

Please include one seconding letter (letter of support) from a member of the atomic spectroscopy community (this person must be different from the nominator). The nominator may also provide an additional letter of support if desired.

(3) CV

Please provide a current resume or CV of the candidate in a Word or PDF file.

(4) Photo

Include a high-resolution headshot of the nominee in a .jpg format

(5) Downloadable form

The nomination form can be downloaded from this

Submission Deadline for the 2023 award extended to February 14, 2022

Questions about the submission process should be directed to Laura Bush, the editorial director of Spectroscopy, at