Fischer Technology, Inc.

Special Issues

Special Issues-12-01-2014, Volume 29, Issue 12

Company Description

Fischer Technology, Inc. and IFG (Institute of Scientific Instruments GmbH) are world leaders in the field of high quality measurement technology and components for the analytical industry. Fischer Technology and IFG offer measurement instruments for coating thickness, material testing, nanoindentation, and material analysis. Products include X-ray fluorescence spectrometers as well as high precision capillary optics for beam shaping of X-rays, the iMOXS modular X-ray source, and X-ray windows. Our products are used in process-near in and off-line metrology.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

  • Micro X-ray fluorescence (µXRF)

  • Confocal XRF

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)

  • Micro X-ray diffraction (µXRD)

  • WDS, EDS

Markets Served

  • Manufacturers of X-ray analytical instrumentation

  • Industrial laboratories

  • Forensic laboratories

  • Government research facilities

  • Universities

Major Products/Services

  • High precision X-ray capillary optics

  • Microfocus x-ray source iMOXS® for XRF and XRD

  • Microfocus X-ray source iMOXS®-SEM for µXRF in a SEM


  • IFG – Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH, Berlin, Germany

  • Fischer Technology, Inc.– Windsor, Connecticut, and Burlingame, California

IFG - Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH, member of FISCHER Group
750 Marshall Phelps Rd.
Windsor, CT 06095

(860) 683-0781


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