FTIR, Transformed: Simplifying Spectroscopy



Webinar Date/Time: Thu, May 23, 2024 1:00 PM EDT

Discover how to effectively use infrared spectroscopy with simplified spectrum acquisition, enhancing streamlined quality control processes.

Register Free: https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/spec_w/ftir-transformed

Event Overview:

Anton Paar proudly presents Lyza 7000, a revolutionary FTIR spectrometer that introduces a novel approach to spectroscopy, designed to enhance user accessibility and simplify the analytical process. The new platform enables scientists, technicians and students of all skill levels to utilize infrared spectroscopy effectively with simplified spectrum acquisition and processing to facilitate streamlined quality control. The versatile modular cell system, enables effortless analysis of diverse sample types, from solids and liquids to gases, ensuring broad application scope and streamlined sample handling.

Join our webinar on May 23rd to explore the capabilities of Lyza 7000 and see how it can enhance your spectroscopic analysis with its simplicity and versatility.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How infrared spectroscopy is now more accessible than ever
  • How to measure a variety of sample types with the same instrument
  • Showcase: simplified pass/fail method creation

Who Should Attend:

  • Lab managers
  • Lab chemists
  • Quality control & quality assurance technicians
  • Academics
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students with a chemistry background


Daniel Vetter
FTIR Product Manager
Anton Paar GmbH

Daniel Vetter was born in Salzburg, Austria, and moved to Graz to study chemistry. He has a Master’s degree in technical chemistry from the technical university of Graz, which included a half year exchange semester in the US. He has served in his role as global FTIR Product Manager at Anton Paar since 2022.

Bettina Höfer
Department Manager, FTIR Product Competence
Anton Paar GmbH

Bettina Höfer was born in Graz, Austria. She has a Master’s degree in chemistry from the technical university of Graz. She started as a product manger for Anton Paar in 2016 and is now the department manager for the FTIR product competence.

Register Free: https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/spec_w/ftir-transformed

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