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Volume 27
Issue 12

Hellma USA, Inc.

Company Description Hellma GmbH & Co., founded in 1922, is the world market leader in cells, fiber-optic probes, and optical components made of glass or quartz which are used for modern optical analysis. Hellma Analytics products are available worldwide through a network of Hellma Analytics sister companies and additional distribution agents.

Major Products and Services

Complete traceability and excellent reliability of measurement results — with UV–vis certified reference materials from the accredited DKD calibration laboratory of Hellma Analytics. With the accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025, Hellma Analytics is one of the leading accredited calibration laboratories producing and certifying reference standards made for testing spectrophotometers. Increased security and quality demands among laboratories require improved traceability of measurement results to an internationally approved standard. A DIN EN ISO 17025 accreditation ensures that all instrument qualifications are traceable to primary standards from NIST. An international correlation of measurement results is thereby assured. Thus, procedures in laboratories gain greater transparency and improved protection of their measurement results.

Fiber–optic systems

For several years, fiber-optic UV–vis and NIR probes have been an effective tool for online measurements in the field of process analysis. Typical applications are qualitative and quantitative product analysis and determination of chemical and physical parameters. Users can profit from several benefits such as higher process efficiency and performance, simple and safe process monitoring, proactive process and quality management, and many other advantages. Hellma Analytics offers a wide variety of solutions, starting from standard products to modular products which can be configured individually, to custom solutions that are specially adapted to the application.

TrayCell — micro volume analysis for sample volume of 0.5 µL to 10 µL

Micro volume analysis becomes more and more important. Hellma Analytics provides a UV–vis measuring cell that is highly suitable to research purposes. The "TrayCell" allows accurate analysis of DNA, RNA, or proteins in sample volumes of as low as 0.5 µL. The dimensions of the TrayCell are equivalent to a standard cell in order to work in all common spectrophotometers.


  • Unique fiber-optic ultra-micro measuring cell

  • Works with 0.5–10 µL sample volume

  • A single drop measuring sample is sufficient

  • High precision and reproducibility

  • Dilution is not necessary

Modern flow cytometry requires highest standards

At the heart of every flow cytometer is a small quartz glass flow channel providing reliable stability of the fluidic system and precise optical analysis of single cells. With sophisticated technologies, Hellma Analytics is able to manufacture customer-specified channel dimensions down to 50 µm × 50 µm with any outside dimension and highly polished surfaces. Moreover, Hellma Analytics is the only supplier worldwide that has a dedicated production line (ECLIPS) for flow cytometry cells. This guarantees an unmatched high-end quality and secured availability of products.

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