HORIBA Scientific

Special Issues

Special Issues-12-01-2014, Volume 29, Issue 12

Company Description

HORIBA Scientific is the world-leading manufacturer of high performance optical spectroscopic instrumentation and photonics components. Our products offer unsurpassed sensitivity, precision, performance, and capabilities.

HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectroscopic ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, XRF, and OEM spectrometers. We also provide components, custom and OEM solutions, and worldwide support.

Our global team is dedicated to providing researchers with the highest quality products and solutions by integrating and aligning HORIBA's core strengths of scientific research, development, applications, sales, service, and support.

Prominent acquired brands include Jobin Yvon, IBH, SPEX, Instruments S.A., ISA, Dilor, Sofie, SLM, Beta Scientific, Photon Technology, Inc. (PTI), and Optical Building Blocks (OBB).

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP, GD-AES)

  • Ellipsometry and thin film analysis

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy

  • Forensic science

  • Mass spectrometry (GD TOF-MS)

  • Optical spectroscopy

  • Raman spectroscopy and microscopy

  • SPRi

Markets Served

  • Academia

  • Bio

  • Chemicals

  • Environmental

  • Forensic science

  • Government

  • Homeland security

  • Life sciences

  • Medical

  • Metals

  • Nanotechnology

  • OEM

  • Optoelectronics

  • Paint/pigments

  • Petroleum

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Photovoltaics

  • Plastics, polymers, and more

  • Semiconductors


Major Products/Services

  • Elemental analyzers (C/S/O/N/H) and sulfur analyzers for petrochemicals

  • Ellipsometers

  • End-point detectors

  • Fluorescence

  • Forensic light sources and imaging devices

  • Glow Discharge - OES

  • Glow Discharge TOF-MS

  • Gratings

  • Hyperspectral imaging


  • Lifetime fluorescence

  • Microscopy

  • OEM components

  • Particle size analyzers

  • Process control

  • Raman and FT-IR

  • Spectrographs

  • Spectrometers and CCDs

  • Spectroscopic training and support

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi)


  • VUV equipment

  • X-ray fluorescence


HORIBA Scientific is part of the HORIBA Group, with manufacturing facilities in Edison, New Jersey, as well as in France and Japan. Sales, service, and applications facilities are located around the world.

HORIBA Scientific
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Edison, NJ 08820

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WEB SITEwww.horiba.com/scientific

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