Index of FT-IR Articles in Spectroscopy: 2004–2009


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Spectroscopy SupplementsSpecial Issues-08-01-2009
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Spectroscopy presents a comprehensive index of our FT-IR articles since 2004.


"Pittcon 2004 Review," Spectroscopy 19(5), 18–40 (2004).

"Pittcon 2005 Product Review," Spectroscopy 20(5), 18–41 (2005).

Cheng, Cungui, Gonglei Sun, and Changjiang Zhang, "Early Detection of Gastric Cancer Using Wavelet Feature Extraction and Neural Network Classification of FT-IR," Spectroscopy 22(11), 38–42 (2007).

Cheng, Cungui, Wei Xiong, Yumei Tian, and Changjiang Zhang, "A Novel Recognition of Three Kinds of Sibling Plant Using FT-IR with Continuous Wavelet Feature Extraction Combined with an Artificial Neural Network," Spectroscopy 24(2), 58–67 (2009).

Ciurczak, Emil W., "Pittcon 2006 New Product Review," Spectroscopy 21(5), 14–33 (2006).

Coates, John, "Pittcon 2007: New Products and Technologies," Spectroscopy 22(5), 22–37 (2007).

Coates, John, "Pittcon 2008: Back to New Orleans and Coffee and Beignets for Breakfast," Spectroscopy 23(5), 24–39 (2008).

Crocombe, Richard A., "Miniature Optical Spectrometers: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom, Part I: Background and Mid-Infrared Spectrometers," Spectroscopy 23(1), 38–56 (2008).

Crocombe, Richard A., "Miniature Optical Spectrometers: The Art of the Possible, Part IV: New Near-Infrared Technologies and Spectrometers," Spectroscopy 23(6), 26–37 (2008).

Crupi, Vincenza, Valentina Venuti, and Domenico Majolino, "FT-IR Spectroscopy: An Advanced Tool for Studying Biomedical Problems," Spectroscopy 19(7), 22–30, 42 (2004).

Elmore, Douglas L., Sean A. Smith, Carrie A. Lendon, and Allen R. Muroski, "Probing the Structural Effects of Pasteurization and Spray Drying on Soy Protein Isolate in the Presence of Trehalose Using FT-IR–ATR and FT-Raman Spectroscopy," Spectroscopy 22(5), 38–44 (2007).

Gayraud, Nicolas, Lukasz Kornaszewski, James M. Stone, Jonathan C. Knight, Derryck T. Reid, William N. MacPherson, and Duncan P. Hand, "Mid-Infrared Gas Sensing Using a Photonic Bandgap Fiber as a Gas Cell," Spectroscopy 24(1), 46–53 (2009).

Koc, Hicran, and David L. Wetzel, "Imaging Local Chemical Microstructure of Germinated Wheat with Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy," Spectroscopy 22(10), 24–32 (2007).

Lowry, Stephen, "Analysis of Diamonds by FT-IR Spectroscopy," Spectroscopy 22(9), 38–40 (2007).

Mark, Howard, "Pittcon 2009 New Product Review," Spectroscopy 24(5), 22–51 (2009).

Srinivasan, Gokulakrishnan, and Rohit Bhargava, "Fourier Transform–Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging: The Emerging Evolution from a Microscopy Tool to a Cancer Imaging Modality," Spectroscopy 22(7), 30–43 (2007).


Adar, Fran, Andrew Whitely, Eunah Lee, and Gwen LeBourdon, "Integrated FT-IR and Raman Imaging on the Same Microscope," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 27–30 (August 2008).

Bradley, Michael, Federico Izzia, and Simon Nunn, "Analysis of Mixtures by FT-IR: Spatial and Spectral Separation of Complex Samples," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 20–26 (August 2008).

Kawai, Nancy T., and Kevin M. Spencer, "Raman Spectroscopy for Homeland Defense Applications," Raman Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 54–58 (June 2004).

Larsen, Richard A., Chihiro Jin, and Ken-ichi Akao, "Rapid Identification of Illicit and Prescription Drugs Using FT-NIR Spectroscopy," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 8–11 (August 2008).

Leary, Pauline E., Jennifer L. Giordano, and John A. Reffner, "The Imaging Advantage to FT-IR Spectroscopy," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 12–19 (August 2008).

Murakami, Sachio, "Maximizing Your IR Microscope: Techniques for Improved Performance and Measurement," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 31–38 (August 2008).

Rein, Alan, "Handheld FT-IR Spectrometers: Bringing the Spectrometer to the Sample," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 44–50 (August 2008).

Sword, Duane, "Portable FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy for Explosives Identification," Homeland Security 16–19 (April 2009).

Tague, Tom, "Microbial Identification Using FT-IR," FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 39–43 (August 2008).

Williams, K.P.J., I.P. Hayward, P. Tampkins, and L.K. Pickard, "Powerful Partners Provide Complete Analytical Solutions," Raman Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 38–47 (June 2004).

Wolfgong, W. John, and Joe Colangelo, "Raman Microscopy as a Valuable Tool for Failure Analysis," Raman Technology for Today's Spectroscopists 8–14 (June 2004).

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