Introducing Enlightened UV-Vis

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Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 11am EDT|8am PDT|5pm CEST Learn more about the enlightened UV-Vis system offering the perfect balance of versatility, simplicity, and value.

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Event Overview:

Scientists, QA/QC analysts, and lab technicians in a wide variety of fields need to analyze samples quickly, accurately, and easily through their UV-Vis systems. They need better turnaround times and confidence in results that ultimately leads to increased productivity. This webinar introduces the audience to the key features and applications of the new PerkinElmer LAMBDA 365+ UV-Vis system that is designed to the highest standards for speed and performance.

Key Learning Objectives:

Lean how the new LAMBDA 365+ UV-Vis system enables:

  • Measurement of higher absorbing liquids (up to 4A) and faster scan speeds to unravel chemical kinetics
  • Faster results with simplified workflows and engineered accessories for all your sampling needs
  • Applications in biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, coolants, and more

Who Should Attend:

QA/QC analysts, scientists, lab technicians, and audience from academia working in:

  • Pharma and Biopharma
  • Applied Materials
  • Chemicals & Lubricants
  • Food

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