Introducing Enlightened UV-VisAdvancements in Drug Development and Formulation



September 14, 2022 10:00 AM EDT – 12:45 PM EDT September 15, 2022 10:00 AM EDT – 11:45 AM EDT Pharma e-symposium: Advancements in Drug Development and Formulation. Attend this special event and gain insights and strategies to help shorten time-to-market, reduce development costs, increase yield, and assure quality and compliance throughout the drug development process.

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Event Overview:

Attend this e-symposium to gain insights into the latest research and innovative solutions in drug development and formulation. Learn how you can shorten your time-to-market, reduce development costs, increase yield, and assure quality and pharmacopoeia compliance throughout the drug development process.

You will learn useful strategies for oral solid dosage (OSD) formulation, drug delivery systems, and implant development as well as process R&D and manufacturing. In addition, the series covers several key techniques:

  • Hot-melt extrusion for OSD and implants
  • Twin-screw granulation and continuous manufacturing
  • Utilizing PAT for process monitoring and quality assurance
  • Raman microscopy for diagnosis and final product verification
  • UV-Visible spectroscopy for quality control and adherence to pharmacopoeial standards

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Streamline manufacturing drug formulations and implants using Hot-melt extrusion and twin-screw granulation
  • Ensure process quality through monitoring with PAT techniques
  • Verify final product quality using Raman microscopy and UV-Vis spectroscopy

Who Should Attend:
Formulation scientists, principal formulation scientists, drug development scientists, formulation chemists, analytical chemists, quality engineers, quality managers, manufacturing scientists, lab managers, principal researchers, research scientists, R&D manufacturing scientists, CROs, CMOs, spectroscopists

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