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Identifying Nitrate Pollution Sources by Isotope Fingerprints

July 14, 2021

This app note describes how, by using nitrate isotope fingerprints, it is possible to monitor water quality and trace the sources of pollution related to human activity.

Fast and Robust Assessment of Water Quality

June 03, 2021

This note demonstrates the suitability of ICP-OES for fast, sensitive, and robust elemental analysis of water samples, following the DIN EN ISO 11885:2009 requirements.

How Do Isotope Fingerprints Support Forensic Investigations?  v2

May 07, 2021

This Smart Note demonstrates how isotope fingerprints support forensic investigations on human, criminal, environmental, ecological, food, and archaeological materials.

Streamlining Your Elemental Analysis Workflow Using Innovative Software Tools

April 27, 2021

*Live: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 10am EDT | 9am CDT | 3pm BST | 4pm CEST* What is the secret of an integrated and streamlined workflow in elemental analysis? Join this webcast to find out more about innovative solutions for ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis. ***On demand available after airing until Apr. 27, 2022***

Simplified Wine Analysis by Discrete Analyzer

March 10, 2021

***Live: Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 11am EST | 8am PST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET*** Wineries need reliable analytical instrumentation for multiparameter analysis to enable lab personnel to carry out routine wine analysis. Learn how discrete analyzers and ready-to-use enzymatic reagents help consolidate the wine analysis, from juice to bottling. ***On demand available after final airing until Mar. 10, 2022***