Thermo Fisher Scientific


Avoid Wine Spoilage with In-House Wine Testing

December 08, 2020

This infographic details why Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ discrete analyzers make wine analysis easy in enology labs and reduce cost per analysis considerably.

ICP-OES Analysis of High Matrix Samples

December 08, 2020

This application note demonstrates the robust analysis of 25% NaCl samples by ICP-OES. The analysis is simplified by using ceramic D-Torch and the sheath gas.

Polymer Analysis via FTIR Specular Reflectance

November 12, 2020

This application note discusses specular reflectance as a technique to analyze polymer samples using a Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometer

Analytical Guide for Routine Beverage Analysis

November 11, 2020

This e-book covers a range of parameters that influence a range of product characteristics such as organic acids, sugars, water, alcohol, metals, enzymes, and others.