Li-ion Batteries: Pre-analytical Workflow Optimization



Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Wed, May 22, 2024 11:00 AM EDT

In the fast-paced world of Li-ion batteries, elemental analysis plays a critical role in ensuring the desired quality and performance. This webinar provides practical guidance, including end user perspectives, regarding the “total workflow” for sample preparation for ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses and overcoming the challenges presented by battery-related materials.

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Event Overview:

In this webinar, methods for overcoming challenges related to sample preparation for elemental analysis are presented, including the first-hand experiences of an end user demonstrating how microwave digestion improved their digestion quality and detection limits. Also presented is a case study from a laboratory that has implemented a ‘total workflow’ approach to sample prep and the impacts that each of the components in their workflow have on their overall elemental analysis process.

The quality and performance of Li-ion batteries requires elemental analysis of battery components in several steps of the value chain—from the extraction of raw materials, to the production of advanced components, to the recycling of spent batteries.

Sample preparation is the first fundamental step for ensuring reliable elemental analyses, which relies on providing appropriate solutions for both ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Due to the variety of samples and their respective natures, from organic such as graphite, to inorganic such as ores, the sample prep protocol must ensure complete digestion to achieve the high-quality analyses required in the battery industry.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the critical role of sample preparation in elemental analysis of Li-ion battery materials
  • Learn how to address the challenges in sample prep for various matrices
  • Discover practical approaches to method development
  • See how key sample prep workflow technologies impact ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis and overall lab quality, productivity, and safety

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone performing or overseeing elemental analysis in the Li-ion batteries industry
  • Lab Directors
  • Lab Managers/Supervisors
  • Researchers
  • Chemists/Analysts
  • Technicians/Research Assistants
  • QA/QC Managers


Eric Farrell
Product Specialist
Milestone, Inc.

Eric Farrell is the Product Specialist for the Digestion and Clean Chemistry lines at Milestone Inc. Eric obtained his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Union College, with a focus in inorganic chemistry. Prior to joining Milestone, he worked in the particle characterization field as a Laboratory Manager and in domestic and international sales, where he supported sales and applications across all product lines. 

Rachel Cross
Senior Analytical Research Scientist
Ascend Elements

Rachel Cross joined the Ascend Elements team in 2021. She brings with her 14 years of laboratory experience with 8 of those years focused on analytical instrumentation, specializing in metals analysis. As a Senior Analytical Research Scientist, her current focus is on the development of methods for recycled battery materials generated from Ascend Elements’ patented Hydro-to-Cathode® technology. Rachel holds a Biotechnology degree from James Madison University and will graduate with a M.S. in Chemistry from Oakland University in Dec 2024.

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