Volume 27
Issue 12


Company Description

Since 1993, PD-LD has been focused on volume production of innovative photonic components for high performance spectroscopic systems. PD-LD developed and patented Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG® ) technology which is incorporated in many standard wavelength stabilized laser products used for Raman system solutions. Our expertise includes advanced optical design, complete VBG fabrication and volume packaging, and fiber optic LabSource instruments for shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS) researchers. From component to bench-top, PD-LD has the product and the experience for your spectroscopic performance requirements.

Prism Award Winner

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • SERDS specific sources

  • Raman spectrometers, both portable and bench-top

  • Raman and confocal microscopy

  • Cytometry

  • Ultrafast laser based systems

  • Biomedical instrumentation

Markets Served

PD-LD's customer base covers many Raman spectroscopic applications including hazmat detection, food product quality, chemical analysis, in-line process control, and several others where the elimination of fluorescence background is a critical requirement. Our customers supply the military and defense community, customs and airport inspectors, and leading pharmaceutical, agribusiness, and chemical producers worldwide. VBG® components made at PD-LD are used in femtosecond laser systems for eye surgery, nano-structure machining systems, and high power laser pumps.

Major Products/Services

The unique VBG® design and fabrication capability at PD-LD results in both a huge variety of standard emitter and detector products, but also an extensive customizing capability for instrument designs requiring a very specific wavelength. Laser diodes at 785 nm, 647 nm, 530 nm, and many others, are available in coaxial and butterfly packages, both free-space and fiber pigtailed. NIR laser wavelengths are also available for spectroscopy, laser pumps, and illumination systems. Highly stable lasers are incorporated in LabSource instruments and OEM modules for the SERDS and Raman researcher. PD-LD also maintains a very unique high volume component business for telecom and datacom network subsystems. Many photodetector and emitter configurations are available.


PD-LD operates from a modern manufacturing plant in Pennington, New Jersey, as part of the US Route 1 Technology Corridor and very near Einstein Alley. Our scientific staff have many collaborative ties with personnel and research projects at nearby Princeton and Rutgers Universities. Our facility is capable of complete glass-to-grating fabrication as well as high volume photonic component manufacturing.


30-B Pennington-Hopewell Rd.

Pennington, NJ 08534


(609) 564-7900


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