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Cartridge system

Phenomenex's SecurityGuard PREP system is designed to protect preparative LC columns from the damaging effects of chemical contaminants and microparticulates. The system consists of a reusable, stainless steel holder and a 10-mm × 21.2-mm i.d. cartridge. According to the company, replacement cartridges are available in a variety of universal bonded phases that can be matched with most HPLC material. Phenomenex, Inc., Torrance, CA;

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LC columns

Michrom's LC columns are designed with inner diameters of 0.075–2.0 mm and lengths of 50, 100, and 150 mm. Several packing materials are available. The microbore columns are made of glass-lined stainless steel with titanium frits. Nano and capillary columns are made of fused silica sheathed with PEEK and include titanium frits. The company's Magic Bullet high throughput columns are made of injection-molded PEEK and also include titanium frits. Michrom, Auburn, CA;

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SPE instrument

Gilson's GX-274 ASPEC SPE instrument is designed to maximize efficiency and throughput with the unattended, parallel processing of samples via solid-phase extraction. The four-probe instrument's two dual syringe pumps reportedly allow users to transfer liquids, process up to four samples in parallel, and monitor pressure on each fluid path individually. Gilson, Inc., Middleton, WI;

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MS system

The Waters Synapt High Definition MS (HDMS) system is designed for researchers working at the limits of conventional MS and who need to further characterize and define complex samples. The system reportedly uses an ion-mobility-based measurement and software to analyze sample ions differentiated by size and shape. According to the company, this additional dimension of separations fidelity leads to improved specificity and sample definition. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

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Automated evaporator-concentrator

The DryVap automated concentrator system from Horizon is designed to combine Kuderna-Danish concentration, nitrogen blow down, and drying of organic solvents into one step with precision and accuracy for GC and GC–MS analyses. According to the company, the benchtop system uses a separation membrane that automatically dries solvents in seconds and that concentrates solvent volumes of 2–200 mL to precisely 0.9 mL in less than 30 min. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH;

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Capillary GC guard column

SGE's forte BPX5 columns are designed with the company's SilGuard integrated guard column. According to the company, the guard column traps nonvolatile material before it reaches the analytical column. The guard column's design reportedly enables the analytical and guard columns to have different internal diameters. SGE, Inc., Austin, TX;

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BOC Edwards' STP Turbomolecular pumps are designed with a pumping performance range of 300–3500 L/s. According to the company, the use of magnetic bearings ensures no risk of vacuum contamination, very low vibrations levels, and minimum maintenance. The pumps reportedly come with a three-year warranty for most general vacuum applications. BOC Edwards, Wilmington, MA;

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Nanoflow LC system

Hitachi's NanoLC chromatography system is designed for research laboratories. The system reportedly can be configured for two-dimensional chromatography enabling complete online separations of complex protein samples. According to the company, the system provides gradient and retention time reproducibility at nanoflow rates (50 nL/min). Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., Schaumburg, IL;

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HPLC columns

Restek offers Kromasil HPLC packings in columns of all dimensions. According to the company, the columns offer high-quality, highly reproducible materials. Many columns are in stock for immediate shipment. Restek Corporation, Bellefonte, PA;

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Detector software

Polymer Laboratories' Cirrus version 3 software is based on the company's GPC/Multi Detector software for polymer characterization. The software reportedly features a user interface with easier, more intuitive operation, expanded reporting and reviewing capabilities, and the ability to review all results within a workbook simultaneously. The software reportedly offers procedures for correcting the chromatographic band broadening of peaks. Polymer Laboratories, a Varian, Inc. Company, Amherst, MA;

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Orochem's Oro-CZ Clear Zone seals feature a clear zone above each well that is free of adhesive. According to the company, clear zones and end tabs facilitate well alignment. The seals reportedly are inert and chemical resistant. The company's Oro-X Precut seals are designed to protect samples and limit evaporation, short-term. The seals feature hairline X-cuts and thin adhesive that is designed to prevent fouling. The film is designed to reseal for continued sample protection after sampling. Orochem Technologies Inc., Lombard, IL;

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HPLC column

Dionex's ProPac HIC-10 silica-based high-capacity HPLC column is designed for the separation of proteins and peptides by hydrophobic interaction chromatography. According to the company, the column has been used for applications ranging from the separation of serum proteins, human skeletal muscle total protein, and snake venom proteins to pancreatin and monoclonal antibodies. The column's stationary phase is based on 5-mm ultrahigh-purity spherical silica gel particles, with 300-Å pores. Dionex Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA;

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LC system

Nanostream's CL LC system is designed to increase analytical throughput 24-fold and reduce costs for a range of applications including purity, solubility, comparative stability, formulation, and dissolution studies. The system is designed to integrate with existing laboratory instruments. The system consists of a six- or eight-needle autosampler, binary pumps, real-time UV absorbance detection, and software. Nanostream, Pasadena, CA;

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HPLC system

Agilent's 1200 series HPLC system is designed with more than 60 instrument modules and can be configured for standard, nanoflow, capillary, narrow, prep-scale, and chip-based liquid chromatography. The system reportedly is compatible with the company's 1100 series and is available in a Rapid Resolution configuration featuring more than 70 new RRHT columns. Agilent Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, CA;

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Dynamic coating

MicroSolv's CElixir-MS dynamic coating is designed for reproducible CE–MS. According to the company, the coating for bare fused-silica capillaries makes the EOF reproducible and allows the use of MS-compatible CE buffers. MicroSolv Technology Corporation, Eatontown, NJ;

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GC-MS system

Shimadzu's QP-2010 Plus GC–MS system is designed for rapid analysis of difficult samples, the determination of trace components, and the characterization of complex organic mixtures. The system reportedly provides a 1.5–1090 m/z mass range as well as a 100–300 °C ion source temperature range. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., Columbia, MD;

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Ultrahigh-pressure LC injector

Valco's Cheminert model C72 UPLC injector is designed with a proprietary stator coating that permits pressures up to 15,000 or 20,000 psi. The company offers an optional microelectric actuator, which determines accurate positioning without limit switches or customer adjustment. The injector can be controlled manually or by computer. The injector is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-port configurations with bore diameters of 0.004, 0.006, or 0.010 in. Valco Instruments Co., Inc., Houston, TX;

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ACD/Labs' ACD/IntelliXtract LC–MS software for automated molecular weight determination, component extraction, and sample comparison is designed to mimic the approach an expert mass spectrometrist would use for spectrum interpretation. According to the company, the software considers ion adducts, multimers, 12C/13C ratios, isotopes, neutral losses, and fragment ions. Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada;

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SFC instruments

Thar's SFC instruments are designed for pharmaceutical R&D laboratories. The company offers analytical-, preparative-, and process-scale equipment. The SFC instruments can be integrated with the Waters Micromass ZQ (MassLynx/OpenLynx) instruments. Thar Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA;

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Electron multiplier selection guide

BURLE's Channeltron Electron Multiplier Selection Guide provides a cross reference of detectors, instrument manufacturers, and electron multiplier products. BURLE Electro-Optics, Inc., Sturbridge, MA;

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Evaporative light-scattering detector

Alltech's model 3300 evaporative light-scattering detector is designed for simple operation, easy maintenance, and maximum sensitivity. The detector features programming methods with a step-by-step method wizard available in seven languages. Parts requiring cleaning can be accessed from the instrument's front panel. Grace Davison Discovery Sciences, Deerfield, IL;

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Nano flow sensor

Upchurch's noninvasive nano flow sensor, developed in cooperation with Honeywell, reports flow rates in the nanoliter through low microliter-per-minute range. According to the company, the sensor uses MEMS-based thermal anemometry to measure the mass-flow rate of liquids in an isolated flow channel and display it on an LCD readout. The sensor reportedly provides high sensitivity, ultrafast response, high accuracy, and low drift. Upchurch Scientific, Oak Harbor, WA;

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Hybrid FTICR mass spectrometer

Thermo's Finnigan LTQ FT Ultra is a hybrid FTICR mass spectrometer designed to analyze complex matrices and large molecules with independent sub ppm mass accuracy, high resolution in excess of 750,000, and improved detection circuitry. The product is equipped with an ICR cell design, the Ultra Cell, which reportedly improves sensitivity and widens the dynamic range to exceed 4000 on an LC timescale. Thermo Electron Corp., Waltham, MA;

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Power supply

The TOF3000 power supply by Spellman is designed specifically for mass spectrometry applications, reportedly providing 0-30kV @ 400uA's with only 70mV peak to peak of ripple and noise. The unit also has a remote TTL-controlled output polarity reversing capability. Spellman High Voltage, Hauppage, NY;

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