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Volume 21
Issue 3

Imaging spectrograph

Imaging spectrograph

The Shamrock 163i imaging spectrograph from Andor Technology is based on a Czerny-Turner optical layout featuring a focal length of 163 mm, an entrance aperture ratio of f/3.6, and a wavelength resolution of 0.17 nm. The instrument includes interchangeable gratings and slits that allow users to select different wavelength ranges and resolutions. Andor Technology, Belfast, UK;

Positioning stage

The nanoSX ultraflat positioning stage from piezosystem jena combines a piezo positioning system with an actuating design for long travel. The stage height is 10 mm with a free center hole of 12.5 mm, and outside dimensions are 60 mm x 60 mm. The series is designed to move high-load masses with a resolution of 0.6 nm. piezosystem jena, Hopedale, MA;

Handheld Raman

Ahura's Identifier handheld Raman instrument is designed for in-the-field identification and verification of liquid and solid samples. The instrument weighs less than 4 lb. It is reportedly chemically resilient, operates through glass or plastic, avoids contamination, requires no calibration or consumables, and is ready for use within seconds of turn-on. Ahura Corporation, Wilmington, MA;

Dissolution tester

Jasco's model DT-810 dissolution tester is designed to provide fully automated dissolution testing of up to eight samples with either the standard paddle method or the optional rotating-basket method. The tester offers a circular design for uniform water temperature and an automatic centering mechanism that provides hands-free positioning of the dissolution vessels and drive shafts. Jasco, Inc., Easton, MD;


The CE 7400 Aquarius spectrophotometer from Cecil Instruments features double beam, pharmacopoeia compliance, 190–1100 nm wavelength range, and a fixed bandwidth of less than 2 nm. The CE 7500 model is double beamed, has a 190–1100 nm wavelength range, and a variable bandwidth of 0.5–4 nm. Cecil Instruments Ltd., Cambridge, UK;


PerkinElmer's Spectrum 100 FT-IR and 100N FT-NIR spectrometers are designed with a UATR accessory that is designed to offer higher efficiencies for the analysis of a wide range of samples. The instruments also feature a fiber-optic NIT probe, an updated version of the company's Spectrum and AssureID software packages, and a Go Button feature, which reportedly allows continuous analyses of multiple samples at the instrument. PerkinElmer, Wellesley, MA;

Fiber optic spectrometer

Ocean Optics' model USB4000 miniature fiber optic spectrometer features a 3648-element CCD array with 16-bit A/D resolution and on-board electronics for the integration of operation and functions such as light source control and external device triggering. The instrument works in the wavelength range of 200–1100 nm. Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL;

Reflectance analyzer

B&W Tek introduces the On-line Pro analyzer for UV–vis-NIR diffuse reflectance measurements. The analyzer features an optimized light source, a broadband wavelength coverage range of 200–1700 nm with a 2200-nm option, and an industrial enclosure rated to NEMA 4X and IP66. B&W Tek, Inc., Newark, DE;

Raman microscope

Bruker Optics' RamanScopeIII Raman microscope is designed to be coupled to the company's FT-Raman spectrometers for fluorescence-free, nondestructive analysis of microscopic samples. It can be combined with the company's grating-based dispersive Raman microscope to provide excitation wavelengths ranging from 1064 nm to 532 nm on a single microscope.. Bruker Optics, Billerica, MA;

Echelle spectrograph

The SpectraPro HRE echelle spectrograph from Princeton Instruments/Acton is designed for general spectroscopy as well as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. The spectrograph is designed to sample continuously wavelengths ranging from 190 to 1050 nm. The spectrograph is designed to work with the company's camera systems and to be controlled by the company's WinSpec software. Princeton Instruments/Acton, Trenton, NJ;

Microscope system

A fluorescence spectroscopy system from Horiba Jobin Yvon offers fluorescence-lifetime measurement on a microscope. The system uses time-correlated single-photon counting components adapted for a microscope to achieve lifetime measurements from 100 ps up to 100 µs. Interchangeable pulsed diode light sources include deep-UV diodes with wavelengths of 280, 295, and 340 nm. Horiba Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ;

Cells and accessories

Hellma's BestCELLERS 2006 catalog contains information on common spectroscopy cells, immersion probes, secondary standards, microplates, and other accessories. It emphasizes the company's ultra-micro TrayCell for 4–5 µL and solid and liquid calibration standards. Hellma, Plainview, NY;

Equipment and supplies

LabX is an on-line marketplace that connects professional buyers and sellers of scientific eequipment and supplies. Since 1995, LabX has been a highly specialized business-to-business marketplace where scientific equipment and supplies can be purchased and sold. More than 60,000 registered members visit LabX to purchase and sell laboratory, medical, test and measurement, spectroscopy, semiconductor, and chromatographic products. LabX, Ontario, Canada;

Raman microscope

Renishaw offers its Raman microscope with additional confocal laser scanning microscopy capabilities. The confocal laser scanning (CLS) microscope is designed to combine the imaging, resolution, contrast, and optical sectioning capabilities of CLS microscopy with the characterization power of Raman spectroscopy. Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL;

Table-top press

International Crystal Labs introduces the E-Z Quick Table Top press. It is constructed from stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, and anodized aluminum. According to the company, the press mounts vertically, which enables the use of body weight and shoulder muscles. The press uses the 7-, 4-, and 2-mm die sets that are used in the company's Quick Press and Port-A-Press presses. International Crystal Laboratories, Garfield, NJ;

ATR accessory

The AccessATR from Harrick Scientific is designed for ATR measurements of solid, liquid and paste samples. The accessory is equipped with a built-in trough to contain liquids and a press for solid sampling. Harrick Scientific Products, Inc., Ossining, NY;

Fiber-optic spectrometers

StellarNet's miniature fiber-optic spectrometers, coupled with the company's optic sampling accessories and SpectraWizR software are designed for light measurement applications in the UV-Vis-NIR ranges. The instruments' multiple channel systems span wavelengths ranging from 190 nm to 2100 nm. StellarNet, Tampa, FL.

Heat chamber

The cells in the HT/HP heat chamber for PIKE Technologies' diffuse reflectance accessory are able to reach temperatures up to 900 °C and pressures up to 1500 psi. The cells reportedly are evacuable to 1 x 10-6 torr and allow reactive gas flow for chemical synthesis studies. PIKE Technologies, Madison, WI;

Product catalog

Semrock's 36-page color catalog for 2006 presents products in five families for applications ranging from fluorescence instrumentation and microscopy to Raman instrumentation and biomedical laser systems. New products include BrightLine fluorescence multiband filters, new wavelengths of the RazorEdge Raman filters, and additional wavelengths in the StopLine laser-blocking filter series and the MaxLine laser-line filter family. Tutorial material about the applications of these optical filters is included. Semrock, Rochester, NY;

Raman spectrometer

The VERAX Raman spectrometer from InPhotonics is a fiber-coupled system designed for laboratory analyses, ranging from research to rapid sample verification to process development. The instrument, which can be used with the company's RamanProbe models, is configured for 785-nm excitation, offers 4 cm-1 spectral resolution, and spans the 230–1800 cm-1 region. Different range/resolution combinations are available in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions to be used with various excitation lasers. InPhotonics, Inc., Norwood, MA;

Product catalog

Newport Corporation's new product catalog features more than 5000 new products, including Spectra-Physics lasers, Oriel light sources, optics, mounts, vibration and motion control, spectroscopy and photonics instruments. Newport Corporation, Irvine, CA;

Fiber-optic flow cells

RoMack introduces their new line of fiber optic flow cells designed for absorption and fluorescence measurements. The cells offer path lengths from 1 mm to 1 meter and cover the applications ranging from UV through NIR. Features include application in harsh environments, including high temperature and aggressive chemicals. RoMack, Inc., Williamsburg, VA;

Solid-state laser

Melles Griot introduces a yellow 85 YCA-series diode-pumped solid-state laser. The laser has an output power of 25 mW at 561 nm with less than 3% peak-to-peak noise. According to the company, this is more yellow power than is available from air-cooled krypton–argon gas lasers. The laser reportedly has a nearly circular (<1.1:1 aspect ratio) linearly polarized beam, an M2 factor of less than 1.2, and less than 5% power drift over 24 h. Melles Griot, Carlsbad, CA;

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