Volume 22
Issue 1

Featured products from the spectroscopy marketplace.


HORIBA Jobin Yvon's FluoroMax-4 benchtop spectrofluorometer reportedly features a sensitivity of at least 400,000 cps for the water-Raman peak at 397 nm and a signal-to-noise ratio of 3000:1 minimum. According to the company, the spectrofluorometer uses an ozone-free xenon arc lamp for broadband coverage from the UV to near-IR. Optional accessories include automatic polarizers, a stopped-flow device for kinetics, a microwell-plate reader, and an autotitrator.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

Circle 100

ATR accessory

PIKE Technologies' grazing angle option for its VeeMAX II ATR accessory is designed to aid in the analysis of monomolecular layers on silicon to obtain FT-IR spectra. The accessory reportedly provides high throughput to cut down on sampling time and facilitate detection of the monomolecular layers of silicon without utilizing a liquid nitrogen–cooled detector. Crystal options for the accessory include ZnSe, ZnS, and Si.

PIKE Technologies, Madison, WI

Circle 101

Electron multiplying CCD detector

The Newton electron multiplying CCD detector from Andor Technology is designed to provide fast detection and readout with single photon sensitivity. According to the company, the product features a 3.0-MHz readout in both electron multiplication mode and conventional amplifier modes. The product is designed for full integration with Andor's Shamrock spectrographs, or for use with third-party spectrographs.

Andor Technology, South Windsor, CT

Circle 102

RF coils for ICP

Glass Expansion has recently added RF coils for Agilent, JY, and the Thermo iCAP 6000 spectrometers to its product line. These augment the company's existing line of coils, which includes products for older Thermo ICP systems as well as PerkinElmer and Varian models. According to the company, regular replacement of corroded coils increases energy transfer efficiency and reduces the load on the RF generator.

Glass Expansion, Inc., Pocasset, MA

Circle 103

High-pressure nebulizers

Meinhard's model TR-50-C high-pressure nebulizers are designed to yield smaller droplet sizes, better signal-to-noise ratio, and improved limits of detection for ICP and ICP-MS. The nebulizers are available with natural aspiration rates of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 mL/min and are also manufactured in quartz for ICP-MS users who want to minimize boron background.

Meinhard Glass Products, Golden, CO

Circle 104

ATR system

Harrick's Video Meridian micro-diamond ATR system is designed for use with all FTIR spectrometers to analyze a wide range of samples with little or no preparation. The product comes with a built-in camera, a pressure applicator with digital readout, and a PermaPurge feature that enables rapid sample and crystal exchange without interrupting a system purge. Users can view samples in real-time on the data station's terminal or on the optional LCD display with 44X magnification.

Harrick Scientific Products, Pleasantville, NY

Circle 105

Portable analyzer

The NITON XLt 797X portable analyzer from Thermo Electron is designed to rapidly screen metals, polymers, and components for RoHS, ELV, and WEEE compliance screening. The device's small sample measurement capability reportedly allows users to isolate and analyze solder joints and small components on populated circuit boards as well as other heterogeneous materials.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Waltham, MA

Circle 106

Solid-state lasers

Melles Griot introduces single-frequency, low noise, diode-pumped solid-state lasers designed to provide options to traditional air-cooled krypton–argon ion lasers. The lasers produce up to 25mW at 561 nm and up to 15 mW at 473 nm. They also reportedly have a nearly circular (<1.1:1 aspect ratio), linearly polarized beam with an M2 factor of less than 1.2.

Melles Griot, Carlsbad, CA

Circle 107

Power supply

Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation introduces its model VS100 high-voltage power supply, designed for precision electron beam applications such as semiconductor nanolithography, microoptics, and development mask work. According to the company, the product features ultra low ripple (less than 75 mV p-p, for 100 kV at 100 µA), high stability, and excellent regulation parameters.

Spellman High Voltage, Hauppage, NY

Circle 108

Scientific UV laser

The Spectra-Physics Lasers division of Newport Corp. has introduced the Explorer Scientific, a low-power intra-cavity tripled and actively Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state laser that delivers pulse energies of up to 120 µJ in the UV (349 nm). The Class 3B UV laser reportedly can be operated at frequencies ranging from single-shot up to a 5-kHz pulse repetition frequency at variable pulse energies.

Newport Corporation, Irvine, CA

Circle 109


The TrayCell cuvette from Hellma reportedly uses the surface tension of 4 µL of sample to form a repeatable optical path of 1 mm +/- 0.02 mm. According to the company, it is compatible with most spectrophotometers, operates at temperatures ranging from 5 °C to 50 °C, and has a wavelength range of 190–800 nm. Applications include biotechnology, drug discovery, and forensics.

Hellma, Plainview, NY

Circle 110

Mass spectrometer

The Agilent 6410 Triple Quad mass spectrometer is designed for femtogram-level sensitivity. It features a parameter-free integrator in the data analysis software that automatically calculates quantity and a single point of software control for both LC and MS instruments.

Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA

Circle 111

UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Hitachi's model U-2910 PC-controlled double-beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer includes features such as a 1.5-nm spectral bandwidth for EC compliance, 190-1100 nm wavelength range, +/-0.3-nm wavelength accuracy, -2 to 3 Abs photometric range, ±0.004 Abs (0.5–1.0 Abs) photometric accuracy, 10–3600 nm scan speed, 0.0003 A/h baseline stability (drift), and +/-0.00015 A/h noise level. The accompanying UV Solutions software reportedly offers wavelength, time scan, and quantitation.

Hitachi High Technologies America, San Jose, CA

Circle 112

NIR miniprobes

Specac's Prospect fiber-optic transmission probes are designed for NIR process applications. Constructed of stainless steel and using gold/nickel bonding with sapphire windows, the probes are reportedly capable of operation at temperatures as high as 250 °C and pressures as high as 100 bar. The probes are available with pathlengths of 1, 2, and 5 mm with probe lengths of 100, 200, and 500 mm.

Specac Inc, Woodstock, GA

Circle 113

NIR analyzers

Foss NIRSystem's XDS MasterLab and XDS MultiVial NIR analyzers are designed for rapid nondestructive measurements of tablets, liquids, and solids. The MasterLab analyzer can be used for automated reflectance or transmission analysis of a tray of multiple tablets or vials. An integrated variable spot-size feature enables adjustment of the sample illumination based on the diameter of the tablets and vials being used. The MultiVial analyzer can be used for automated sampling without transmission for tablets. Formore information, e-mail

FOSS NIRSystems, Inc., Laurel, MD;

Circle 114

Concentric nebulizer

The C-Flow concentric nebulizer for ICP from Savillex Corporation is molded out of PFA and is chemically resistant to most matrices. The nebulizer is designed with a straight, fixed capillary and a one-piece gas port. According to the company, the nebulizer performs consistently at multiple flow rates and provides high sensitivity and low oxides. C-flow nebulizers are now available pre-cleaned and with autosampler probes.

Savillex Corporation, Minnetonka, MN

Circle 115

Laser diode module

The fiber-coupled DFB IQµ4x(760-5) laser diode module from Power Technology is designed for applications such as fluorescence, spectroscopy, interferometry, high-resolution printing, display, and microscopy. According to the company, at 760 nm, the module emits 5 mW of output power with a spectral width of 2 MHz. The module also features an on-board menu-driven microprocessor.

Power Technology, Inc., Little Rock, AR

Circle 116

Digital pulse processor

Amptek's PX4 reportedly combines a digital pulse processor, a power supply, a shaping amplifier, and a multichannel analyzer. It is compatible with the company's XR-100 detectors and detectors from other manufacturers. The processor is software-driven and has 24 programmable peaking times between 0.8 and 102 µs.

Amptek, Inc., Bedford, MA

Circle 117

Compact spectrometer

B&W Tek introduces the model BTC651E spectrometer, which reportedly combines high efficiency optics, a back-thinned 2D CCD detector array, and an imaging spectrograph. According to the company, the product offers high throughput, and its high photometric sensitivity is beneficial to low-light spectral applications such as Raman or fluorescence.

B&W Tek, Inc., Newark, DE

Circle 118

E-commerce web site

SPEX CertiPrep Group announces its e-commerce web site at, designed to allow consumers to order products securely, check prices, check order status, download MSDS and certificate of analysis, and instantly access a live chat for technical assistance.

SPEXCertiPrep, Metuchen, NJ

Circle 119

Raman spectrometers

The MonoVista CRS and the TriVista CRS Confocal Raman systems from PI/Acton are designed to offer both macro and confocal micro analysis capabilities in a single system, enhancing experimental flexibility and allowing switching between macro and micro modes. The company states that the integrated modular systems provide instant results and easy configuration for multiple applications, with integrated laser options available.

PI/Acton, Trenton, NJ

Circle 120

Customizable polarimeter

The model P-2000 polarimeter from JASCO is designed to be a customizable polarimeter that can be equipped initially with various options and can also be upgraded in the field at any time. According to the company, the product offers a range of light sources including tungsten-halogen, sodium, and mercury lamps. As many as two light sources can be simultaneously installed in the instrument.

JASCO Inc., Easton, MD

Circle 121


ReactionSleuth software from Remspec is designed for postprocessing of reaction monitoring datasets. The software works with multifiles in the spc format and offers PCA/Target transformation, peak-fitting capability, and 3D displays of real and synthetic datasets.

Remspec Corporation, Sturbridge, MA

Circle 122

Custom standards

Inorganic Ventures manufactures custom inorganic standards for applications including ICP, ICP–MS, AA, and IC. Standards are made according to user specifications and come with an extensive certificate of analysis that details NIST traceability, certified values, and trace impurities. Reportedly, the company can ship 99% of its custom solutions in three days or less.

Inorganic Ventures, Lakewood, NJ

Circle 123

Elemental analyzer

The Eagle III XPL micro-EDXRF spectrometer from EDAX is now available with an optional primary-beam-filter accessory that reportedly improves detection limits. The spectrometer uses capillary optics, CCD video imaging cameras, and a motorized xyz stage for nondestructive small-spot analysis correlated with video imaging. Features include simultaneous detection of elements ranging from Na through U, and little or no sample preparation requirements. Typical applications include forensics, failure analysis, coating thickness-composition measurement, quality control, and chemical imaging.

EDAX, Mahwah, NJ

Circle 124

FT-IR spectrometer

Bruker Optics' VERTEX 80v vacuum FT-IR spectrometer is designed to provide high rejection of the interference from atmospheric gases, such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. Data acquisition is based on dual-channel 24-bit analog-to-digital converters integrated with the detector, which reportedly yield a high signal-to-noise ratio. According to the company, the instrument's linear air bearing interferometer allows a resolution < 0.07 cm-1 .

Bruker Optics, Billerica, MA

Circle 125

Portable Raman spectrometer

Enwave's EZRaman-M field-portable Raman system is designed for use in forensic and security applications, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, and educational and research laboratories. The system features a 785-nm frequency-stabilized laser and spectral coverage of 250-2300 cm-1 .

Enwave Optronics, Inc., Irvine, CA

Circle 126

Fiber-optic extension

The 1-m FlexProbe fiber-optic extension from Ahura is designed for use with the company's FirstDefender handheld Raman spectrometer. The twist-on extension attaches to the laser aperture of the spectrometer. The fiber-optic extension uses the same nose cone and 3/4-in. working distance as the spectrometer and operates in standard point-and-shoot mode.

Ahura Corporation, Wilmington, MA

Circle 127

Multichannel modular system

Avantes' AvaSpec USB2.0 modular system for multichannel fiber-optic spectrometers can reportedly be configured as a single, dual, triple, quadruple, or multichannel instrument with as many as 127 spectrometer channels. According to the company, the simultaneous data sampling allows fast read-out and enables monitoring of pulsed light sources with different channels evaluating the same pulse. The spectrometers can be used in standalone mode if the microprocessor is loaded with application-specific standalone firmware.

Avantes, Boulder, CO

Circle 128

Magnetic resonance spectrometer

Varian introduces its model 400-MR magnetic resonance spectrometer, which is designed to give nonspecialists access to state-of-the-art methods for molecular characterization and quantitation. According to the company, the NMR spectrometer's compact footprint makes it easier to accommodate in small analytical laboratories in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and academic environments.

Varian, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Circle 129

X-ray detector

PANalytical introduces the PIXcel solid-state detector designed for XRD applications. According to the company, the detector contains more than 65,000 pixels, each 55 µm × 55 µm in size. The detector can be mounted as one of the company's PreFIX interchangeable X-ray modules or positioned behind conventional point detector optics.

PANalytical, Almelo, The Netherlands

Circle 130

Table-top press

International Crystal Labs introduces the E-Z Quick Table Top press. It is constructed from stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, and anodized aluminum. According to the company, the press mounts vertically, which enables the use of body weight and shoulder muscles. The press uses the 7-, 4-, and 2-mm die sets that are used in the company's Quick Press and Port-A-Press presses.

International Crystal Laboratories, Garfield, NJ

Circle 131

Raman software

LabSpec5 software from HORIBA Jobin Yvon is designed for use with HORIBA's Raman products, including the LabRAM ARAMIS, LabRAM HR, and T64000 triple spectrograph. According to the company, the software records Raman images in any shape or format at high speed, high spectral resolution, and high spatial resolution and can incorporate custom accessories such as FT-IR, mapping, temperature-controlled stages, and additional detectors.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

Circle 132

Photomultiplier tube

The PHOTONIS Group announces the XP1322, a 13-mm (0.5 in.) round photomultiplier tube featuring a combination of high gain and low noise that covers the spectral range of 270–650 nm. The product is designed for applications such as scintillation counting, high-energy physics, life sciences, and bioluminescence. The product is also available in a photon counting grade model.

PHOTONIS Group, Lancaster, PA

Circle 133

Vibratory disk mill

The model RS 200 vibratory disk mill from Retsch reportedly features a 1.5-kW stabilized plane drive that achieves grind sizes of 40–100 µm within seconds. Features include all-digital controls with memory for up to 10 grinding programs, one-button operation, automatic recognition, and speed adjustment from 1400 to 700 rpm with agate grinding sets.

Retsch, Newtown, PA

Circle 134

Mercury analyzer

Buck Scientific's model 410 mercury analyzer is designed for the analysis of trace levels of mercury in drinking, surface, and saline waters, as well as domestic and industrial wastes. The instrument achieves detection limits of 10 ppt/absolute mass 0.0025 mg with a 400-mm flowcell.

Buck Scientific, East Norwalk, CT

Circle 135

Ion mobility spectrometry

The IONSCAN-LS by Smiths Detection is designed to detect and quantitate trace analytes using ion mobility spectrometry with two sample introduction methods: thermal desorption from a filter and high-performance injection. According to the company, the product can analyze samples over a concentration range of about three orders of magnitude.

Smiths Detection, Danbury, CT

Circle 136

ICP-OES spectrometer

The Spectro Genesis from Spectro Analytical is reportedly the first and only ICP-OES spectrometer available with a complete set of factory calibrated methods for environmental and industrial applications, ready for use out of the box with an application package that includes the sample introductions system, sample preparation instructions, and method documentation.

Spectro Analytical Instruments, Kleve, Germany

Circle 137

XRF cups

Premier Lab Supply offers a variety of XRF cups designed primarily for liquid sample applications, but can also accommodate many homogenous powder solid samples for use with an x-ray instrument.

Premier Lab Supply, Inc., Port St. Lucie, FL

Circle 138

ICP-MS cones

Spectron offers standard nickel, platinum, and aluminum cones for all ICP-MS instruments with full technical support available. The cones are made to OEM designs, and platinum cones include refurbishing. The company also carries a line of other manufacturers' sample-introduction products, including nebulizers, torches, spray chambers, and multipliers.

Spectron, Inc., Ventura, CA

Circle 139

Lead sulfide detectors

The J13 Series of lead sulfide detectors from Judson Technologies is designed for operation in the 1–3.5-µm wavelength region. According to the company, the detectors are offered in flat plate cells, TO-style packages and thermoelectric coolers provide low temperature operation for increased sensitivity, longer wavelength operation, and temperature stability.

Judson Technologies, Montgomeryville, PA

Circle 140

Multimode optical fiber

Fiberguide Industries manufactures the Hard Optical Polymer Clad multimode fiber, which features a high numerical aperture and a high core-to-clad ratio for use in UV-Vis and Vis-IR spectroscopy. According to the company, the hard cladding increases fiber strength and reduces static fatigue in humid environments, and also protects the fiber during buffer stripping to prevent fiber breakage.

Fiberguide Industries, Stirling, NJ

Circle 141

Dual readhead encoding

The DSi dual SiGNUM interface encoder from Renishaw combines two SiGNUM SR readheads for high accuracy with an angularly repeatable and customer located propoZ reference position, which is unaffected by bearing wander or switch-off. According to the company, the encoder combined with the REXM ring offers better than +/-1 arc second total installed accuracy. The encoder reportedly can operate at speeds as high as 4500 rpm and temperatures as high as 85 °C.

Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL

Circle 142

Identification software

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces BioWorks 3.3, their newly designed protein identification and quantitation software, which features automated quantitative analysis of iTRAQ, SILAC, and ICAT labeled samples, as well as label-free quantitation techniques. According to the company, the software removes unwanted spectra from the search, resulting in faster search times, allowing users to focus only on the proteins of interest.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Waltham, MA

Circle 143

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