StellarNet, Inc.



Volume 29
Issue 12

Company Description

StellarNet provides low cost miniature spectrometer systems and spectroscopy software for product analysis, research, education, and OEM. StellarNet instrumentation is rugged for any environment - lab, process, or field. Most items are in stock with immediate delivery and customer service and support is a top priority.

In 1991, StellarNet developed a mini fiber optic spectrometer that connected to a computer's printer interface, a revolutionary advancement of the time in size, speed, and functionality. Over the years StellarNet has continued the trend of ingenuity and has become a global leader in optical sensing and miniature spectrometer systems with unmatched price performance.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • UV, Vis, and NIR absorbance chemistry

  • Raman spectroscopy (532, 785, 830, and 1064 nm)

  • Raman microscopy and SERS

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy

  • NIR chemometrics and spectral ID

  • Colorimetry

  • Radiometry (LED, solar, laser, display, plasma)

  • OES and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

  • Optical metrology and thin film thickness

Markets Served

StellarNet's low-cost, high-performance systems are designed without moving parts and are shock tolerant. Additionally, miniaturization with a focus on portability enables StellarNet to serve many markets, including: aerospace, agriculture, food and beverage, biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, forensics, cosmetics, educational and research, semiconductor and thin film, lamp and lighting, LED and laser, optical paint, solar, semiconductor, UV process manufacturing, and of course, OEM.

Major Products/Services

Complete Systems – Delivered either modular, portable, or even handheld, StellarNet offers complete systems such as SpectroChemical Absorbance meters, Raman systems, flourimeters, NIR component analyzers, SpectroColorimeters, and SpectroRadiometers.

Spectrometers – General purpose UV, Vis, and NIR spectrometers. StellarNet has many different spectrometer options with high resolution models with less than 0.1 nm resolution, TE cooled models for extreme sensitivity, and our flagship BLACK-Comet Concave grating spectrometer for the best optical performance.

Light Sources, Spheres, and Accessories – Excitation LEDs and lasers, broadband and calibrated spectroscopy lamps, cuvette holders, optical fibers, probes, flow cells, integrating spheres, lenses, and everything you may need.

Software – FREE SpectraWiz spectroscopy software including Spectral ID, ChemWiz Concentration, Color, Radiometry, SDK, and much more!


StellarNet is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, where it's currently expanding its staff. Its new 10,000 square-foot facility hosts manufacturing, research and development, and all US sales and support. StellarNet has a team of over 30 international distribution partners providing technical sales and support to every region of the globe.

StellarNet, Inc.
14390 Carlson Circle
Tampa, FL 33626

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