TSI Incorporated



Volume 29
Issue 12

Company Description

TSI Inc. serves a global market by investigating, identifying, and solving measurement problems. As an industry leader in the design and production of precision measurement instruments, TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection, and chemical analysis.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

  • Raman spectroscopy

Major Products/Services

TSI's ChemLogix™ family of instruments simplifies complex chemical analysis. Its complete line of solutions, including laser-induced breakdown spectrometers and Raman spectrometers, provides rapid and reliable identification of materials and chemical composition of solids in both the laboratory and in the field. Backed by TSI's global sales and support, ChemLogix instruments truly are the smarter - and more logical - choice for elemental analysis.


Our corporate sales and service offices (St. Paul, Minnesota; Aachen, Germany; High Wycombe, United Kingdom; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Singapore, and Bangalore, India) provide regional customer support. We also maintain a network of knowledgeable manufacturers' representatives and distributors to provide local support worldwide.

TSI Incorporated
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