Reliable quantitative FT-IR measurements require that the pathlength be known to within 1%. Pathlength estimations based on nominal spacer thickness are not reliable and require that the actual pathlength be measured for accurate data. We demonstrate how.

SERS offers many advantages. However, there are several issues to be aware of when trying to use SERS signals in analytical applications.

Chemometrics in Spectroscopy

August 01, 2020

We provide a scorecard of chemometric techniques used in spectroscopy. The tables and lists of reference sources given here provide an indispensable resource for anyone seeking guidance on understanding chemometric methods or choosing the most suitable approach for a given analysis problem.

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectroscopy offers impressive performance, providing ultratrace elemental analysis with detection limits reaching the femtogram levels. Here, we provide a tutorial on the technique and the key steps that users should follow.