ABB Awarded Contract for Satellite Imaging Technology to Help Detect Environmental Changes in Real Time


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ABB has been awarded a contract worth around $30 million by the Canadian data and analytics company EarthDaily Analytics Corporation (EDA) to develop and manufacture next-generation multispectral imaging systems to be placed on 10 satellites, including an in-orbit spare, that will circle the earth.

The order, booked in the first quarter of 2022, means that the EarthDaily Constellation network of satellites will provide high-quality imagery in 22 spectral bands with resolution down to five meters. As the satellites circle the Earth, ABB’s technology will continuously capture images of the Earth’s land masses and large maritime areas. Using its artificial intelligence-based analytics system, EDA will process the data gathered from the images based on any recorded changes and generate actionable insights that will include information about the state of Earth’s ecosystems, and about the impact and progress of climate changes.

Data provided by the measurements taken by the imaging systems will assist scientists in addressing other challenges such as the monitoring of crop health, conservation, sustainable resource management, and the prediction of forest fire trajectories.

ABB will collaborate with an IT solutions specialist from Xiphos Systems corporation on high-performance processing electronics, and with Loft Orbital, the space infrastructure service provider for EarthDaily Constellation.

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