Volume 29
Issue 12

Company Description

EDAX is a leading provider of innovative materials characterization systems encompassing energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), and micro X-ray fluorescence (XRF). EDAX products include standalone tools for EDS, EBSD, and WDS, integrated tools for EDS/EBSD, EDS/WDS, and EDS/EBSD/WDS, and a free-standing micro-XRF bench-top elemental analyzer providing small and micro-spot X-ray analysis and mapping. EDAX develops the best solutions for micro- and nano-characterization, where elemental and/or structural information is required, making analysis easier and more accurate. EDAX designs, manufactures, distributes, and services products for a broad range of industries, educational institutions, and research organizations.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS)

  • Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (Micro-XRF)

  • Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

  • Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS)

Markets Served

EDAX instrumentation for elemental and structural analysis is found in a broad spectrum of industrial, academic, and government applications from the field or production line to the most advanced research and development laboratory. Typical markets served include semiconductor and microelectronics, academic and industrial R&D laboratories, RoHS/WEEE, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, mining, security, forensics, catalysts, petrochemicals, metallurgy, and manufacturing operations.

Major Products/Services

  • Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence: EDAX manufactures micro-XRF analyzers for the laboratory.

  • Electron backscatter diffraction: EDAX supplies instrumentation for materials structural analysis on SEM electron-beam microscopes.

  • Energy dispersive spectroscopy: EDAX provides a full range of EDS products for elemental analysis on SEM and TEM electron-beam microscopes.

  • Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy: EDAX offers parallel beam WDS products for elemental analysis on SEM electron-beam microscopes.

  • Fluorescent X-ray detectors: EDAX supplies silicon drift detectors and Si{Li} detectors, which are capable of handling count rates of over 1,000,000 cps and parallel beam wavelength dispersive spectrometers.


EDAX headquarters is located in Mahwah, New Jersey, housing sales, engineering, technical support, and operations. EDAX is committed to providing the best possible support for our customers world-wide with sales, service, and applications support offices located in Japan, China, Singapore, The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

91 McKee Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430

(201) 529-4880

(201) 529-3156


WEB SITEwww.edax.com