Exploring trace element intracellular processes at the single cell level using ICP-MS



Thu, Sep 22, 2022 10:00 AM EDT Do you need deeper insight into elemental processes occurring in individual cells? Join this webinar to learn more about how single cell ICP-MS can help you achieve your goals.

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Event Overview:

Analyzing single cells using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (SC-ICP-MS) has, in recent years, become an established technique for helping to advance our understanding of cellular processes where elements are involved. This technique has provided valuable insights in areas including molecular biology, drug development and toxicological studies. The current generation of single cell nebulizer and spray chamber designs has yielded considerable improvements in intact cell transport efficiency leading to higher sensitivity, lower detection limits and greater discrimination between intracellular element concentration evaluation and background dissolved element signals. Together with improvements in single cell ICP-MS hardware components, recent software innovations have made data collection, processing and interpretation easier, enabling laboratories with limited elemental analysis experience to adopt single cell ICP-MS and add its capabilities to their existing analytical techniques.

In the first part of this webinar, the latest software advances for single cell ICP-MS analysis will be introduced and what the newest features provide for this application will be described. The second part of the presentation will focus on the practical application of single cell ICP-MS and will include results and data interpretation from selected research studies.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Hear how the latest software developments enable simpler extraction, processing and evaluation of single cell ICP-MS data
  • See what additional insights single cell ICP-MS can bring in combination with other complementary techniques in your laboratory for enhancing understanding of biological processes
  • Discover practical applications of this technique and how to optimize the analysis

Who Should Attend:
Researchers investigating biological processes in cells

  • Biopharmaceutical and clinical research analysts looking at extending their analytical capabilities
  • Laboratory directors interested in new technologies for improving their bioprocessing and cell culturing processes

Dr. Dhinesh Asogan
ICP-MS Product Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dhinesh read Chemistry with Forensic Analysis at Loughborough University in the UK, graduating in 2005. He then joined the Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering there and completed an Engineering Doctorate in Laser Ablation ICP-MS for semiconductor materials in 2012, his main research focus designing new coupling interfaces for LA-ICP-MS. In 2016, Dhinesh joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in Bremen, Germany, as a Product Specialist in Trace Elemental Analysis responsible for supporting challenging advanced applications, including Laser Ablation and hyphenated ICP-MS.

Dr. Mario Corte Rodríguez
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Oviedo

Mario’s research is focused on single-particle and single-cell elemental analysis of both metal-labelled cells and their elemental content. He obtained his PhD from the University of Oviedo in Spain in 2017. After gaining experience at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin and the University of Vienna, he currently works as a post-doc researcher at the group of Mass Spectrometry and Biomedical Analysis (EMAB) at the University of Oviedo and the Health Research Institute of Asturias (ISPA).

Register free: https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/spec/intracellular