Highlights of Our 2022 Review of Spectroscopic Instrumentation


Spectroscopy magazine’s much-anticipated new product review is back, providing spectroscopists, researchers, and educators with detailed listings and reviews of the latest spectroscopy instruments, accessories, components, and software. All of these new products launched within the past 12 months. Here, we offer highlights of the 2022 Review of Spectroscopic Instrumentation, which appeared in our May issue.

Atomic Spectrometry Instrumentation

Agilent Technologies introduced an environmentally friendly coolant fluid, and Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. presented a new X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument. Hübner introduced a new laser source for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). A new inductively coupled plasma (ICP)–optical emission spectroscopy (OES) instrument, introduced by Radom Corporation, is argon-free, operating with microwave-sustained atmospheric plasma. Advion Interchim Scientific introduced the laboratory-based Solation ICP-mass spectrometry (MS) system for complex samples, and Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. introduced a new X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument.

Raman Instrumentation

IS-Instruments introduced a deep ultraviolet (UV) Raman system with excitation at 228 nm, and WITedc GmbH has a new cryogenic Raman imaging microscope. Elodiz, Ltd. and Ocean Insight introduced devices that are more geared to field and process applications.


REFLEX Analytical Corp. and Nanosens AS have both introduced new cells and cuvettes. S.T. Japan-Europe GmbH has introduced an improved MicroVice while Specac now provides a heated puck for the Quest. An interesting new product from Specac is the Arrow, which is a disposable silicon ATR accessory.


Armadillo SIA has introduced two new optical fiber products while Trace Matters Scientific has a new flexible ion guide. Sources are one type of component where there have been several new entries, including products from Pyroistech S.L, Micro X-Ray, Inc., and Edinburgh Instruments.


Both Ocean Insight and Optiwave Systems introduced driver and instrument control software for their products. Here, we also include spectral libraries in the software category. S.T. Japan-Europe GmbH has introduced three new libraries: a microplastics infrared (IR) library, a Raman microplastics database, and a Raman database for psychoactive and illicit drugs.

See the details of all new spectroscopy instrumentation here.

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