Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-12-01-2017, Volume 32, Issue 12
Pages: 49

Company Description

Kaiser Optical Systems Inc., an Endress+Hauser company, is a world leader in analyzers and components for Raman spectroscopy. For the past 20 years, we have applied the measurement principles of Raman spectroscopy to manufacturing processes, and have proven successes in chemical, life sciences, and polymer applications. Kaiser provides optimized Raman solutions that incorporate sampling optics, GLP/GMP certified hardware and software specific to the needs of research, analytical, and process customers.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

Raman spectroscopy and microscopy

Markets Served


We serve the chemical, life sciences, environmental, food & beverage, and oil & gas industries in applications from laboratory research to large-scale manufacturing. Our RamanRxn Systems™ suite of Raman analyzers includes the ATEX certified RamanRxn3Raman spectroscopy and microscopy process analyzer for classified installations, the RamanRxn2™ multi-channel analyzer, the RamanRxn2Raman spectroscopy and microscopy Hybrid analyzer for large and small area solids & liquids quantitative Raman, the RamanRxn4™ gas-phase process analyzer, and the Raman WorkStation™ featuring Kaiser's revolutionary, fast, quantitative PhAT technology.

Major Products/Services

We have over 20 years' experience in using Raman spectroscopy for life sciences applications including API synthesis and crystallization, drug product unit operations, and upstream biopharmaceuticals. Kaiser innovations in upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing include the only SUB-compatible in situ Raman probe, Nema4x enclosures for GMP, laboratory probes for autoclave applications, and a unified PD to GMP software interface featuring OPC and SIMCA.


Our new two-story facility opened in May 2017 and has more than doubled the manufacturing, quality, and training floor space. Our new space allows us to produce higher volumes of Kaiser's Raman analyzers and phase-optimized probes, while maintaining the high-quality standards our customers expect.

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