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Nowadays, laboratories are expected to tackle quick turnaround times and meet lower detection limits, while at the same time deliver high levels of sample accuracy – and although workloads and workflows may vary, the need to work quickly doesn’t. Plus, labs are looking to lower operating.

Universal Data Acquisition for ICP Software

Universal Data Acquisition (UDA) in Syngistix™ software, available as a standard feature for the Avio® 550/560 Max ICP-OES systems, allows for simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths all of the time with a single click of the mouse. It provides full wavelength coverage with minimal impact to the analysis time – instead of having to rerun your samples, with UDA enabled, you can simply add the new wavelengths to your method and request the data by reprocessing your sample data. Plus, it has minimal impact to the hard drive space needed to store the data.

Drinking Water ICP-MS Analysis Customer Story at Northeast Laboratory

Services, accuracy and time-to-results for their customers are critical. Hear from Ian Guite, Metals Analyst, on how the PerkinElmer NexION®1000 with High Throughput System (HTS) revolutionized their environmental lab’s productivity without compromising on accuracy for analysis of drinking water. The NexION® 1000 with HTS enabled them to reduce their sample processing time by over 30%, translating to a higher productivity and results to their customers in shorter time.

NexION 5000 ICP-MS Animated Video

The award-winning NexION® 5000 multi-quadrupole ICP-MS, the first in its category to boast four quads, is engineered to meet and exceed the demanding trace-elemental testing requirements of semiconductor, biomonitoring and other applications.

Extended Dynamic Range Feature on NexION ICP-MS Series Instruments

Need to analyze both low- and high-concentration elements? The NexION® ICP-MS series’ Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) can do this in a single analytical run – watch this video to see how it works and how it will help your laboratory.