Let’s Go Further in Materials Characterization with Co-localization of Raman and Micro-XRF Analysis



December 6th 2021 at 10am EST | 7am PST | 4 pm CET | 3pm GMT Raman and micro-XRF spectroscopy provide complementary information. Thanks to a smart co-localization tool, we will show the power of the information obtained by combining these two techniques.

Register Free: https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/spec_w/raman

Event Overview:

A single technique is not always sufficient to fully characterize a sample. The information will be much more complete by combining complementary data. The critical point is to be sure to perform the tests on exact the same area of the sample. Thanks to co-localization, this is now possible. During this webinar we will show on different applications the interest of combining Raman and µ-XRF characterizations with this co-localization tool.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Complementarity of the chemical information obtained in Raman and µ-XRF
  • Comparison of the technical characteristics of the two methods, Raman and µ-XRF
  • Added value of co-localisation to go further in results interpretation

Who Should Attend:

- Academic advanced researcher in pharmaceutical, geochemistry and life science

- Industrial applied and advanced R&D department in:

  • Formulation in pharma industry
  • Geology
  • 2D materials, polymers

- Quality Control Labs

- Facilities. (Intertek, Eurofins…)


Jocelyne Marciano
Application Product Specialist

Jocelyne Marciano obtained an engineering degree in physical and chemical analysis methods while working for Saint-Gobain in Aubervilliers research center.From 1986 to 2003, she acquired a solid experience in X-ray spectroscopy (X-ray fluorescence, XPS, EDX, EPMA) as well as in imaging (SEM, AFM). Jocelyne joined HORIBA in 2008 as an application scientist in the field of gas analysers and X-ray microfluorescence. Her new challenge will be to develop the co-localisation between X-ray microFluorescence and microRaman.

Sarah Desplanche
Application Product Specialist

Sarah Desplanche obtained her MSc. in Chemistry, with a specialization Chemistry and Physico-Chemistry of Materials, at the University of Bordeaux. She completed a PhD degree in Chemical Physics at the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM) in Bordeaux. She previously worked as a Project Lead and Lab Pharma Analyst in Raman Spectroscopy at Eurofins PSS Belgium and in the Discovery, Product Development & Supply department of Janssen Pharmaceutica. She joined HORIBA Scientific France in 2020 as a Product Specialist for Applications.

Register Free: https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/spec_w/raman