Wet Chemistry - Quantitative Analysis of Common Components in a Chemical Mechanical Polishing CMP Slurry Using Raman Spectroscopy

November 02, 2023

In this application note, Raman spectroscopy is explored as an easier and more flexible technique for quantifying common components in a CMP slurry, such as benzotriazole and glycine, without any sample preparation or costly consumables.

Rapid Polymer Identification of Fishing Gear Using Raman Spectroscopy

November 02, 2023

the MacroRAM benchtop Raman spectrometer with remote BallProbe® is used to quickly identify plastics used in various gillnet samples. Raman spectroscopy is demonstrated to be an excellent technique for identifying not only different types of polymers, but also different variants within a polymer class and additives including pigments.

Quantitative Analysis Using Raman Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Applications

November 02, 2023

Raman can be an effective method for quantitative analysis under a variety of conditions involving different solutes in a solution and solution mixtures. In this application note, we demonstrate Raman spectroscopy and its application to pharmaceutical analysis such as content uniformity.

Following Epoxy Cure with Macroscopic Raman Analysis

November 02, 2023

In this work, we monitor and analyze a simple polymerization-curing reaction of a two-part epoxy using a macroscopic Raman system along with a non-contact remote Raman probe.

Polymers - Macroscopic Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Chemical Reactions and Polymerization/Curing

November 02, 2023

This technical note will show how the HORIBA MacroRAM™, a macroscopic Raman system, can be used along with the HORIBA Superhead™, to monitor and analyze a simple polymerization-curing reaction of a two-part epoxy.

TERS and TEPL Imaging for 2D Materials Research

April 06, 2022

Wednesday, April 6th 2022 at 2 pm EDT | 11 am PDT | 7 pm GMT New exciting results on TERS nanoscale spectroscopic characterization of 2D materials and their lateral and vertical heterostructures will be presented.

Let’s Go Further in Materials Characterization with Co-localization of Raman and Micro-XRF Analysis

December 06, 2021

December 6th 2021 at 10am EST | 7am PST | 4 pm CET | 3pm GMT Raman and micro-XRF spectroscopy provide complementary information. Thanks to a smart co-localization tool, we will show the power of the information obtained by combining these two techniques.

Analysis of Morphology and Chemical ID of Micro-Particles Using Particle Correlated Raman Spectroscopy

February 18, 2021

***Live: Thursday, February 18, 2021, 2pm EST | 1pm CST | 11am PST*** Micro-particles are present everywhere in our daily life, from nasal sprays to paints to microplastic pollutants. Join our webinar to learn how particle correlated Raman spectroscopy (PCRS) enhances particle size and shape characterization by adding automated and definitive chemical identification. *** On demand available after final airing until Feb. 18, 2022***