Metrohm Expands Raman Portfolio


The instrument manufacturer recently made updates to its Raman library, in addition to launching two new analyzers.

Article Highlights

  • Metrohm has expanded its Raman spectroscopy portfolio, introducing a new Raman analyzer and updating its Raman library.
  • The company's Raman library aims to be the largest and most user-friendly, facilitating Raman applications across various industries.
  • Raman spectroscopy, with its unique ability to identify chemical compounds, is poised for significant market growth, reaching $1.8 billion by 2028.
  • Metrohm's recent product launches include the 2060 Raman Analyzer and the Savannah Raman module, leveraging miniature spectrometer technology, alongside updates to their MCRL to improve material identification accuracy.

Instrument manufacturer Metrohm has added a variety of products to its Raman spectroscopy portfolio over the last few months. This includes the addition of a new Raman analyzer and an update to its Raman library.

“Metrohm built this library from the ground up with the final goal to make the largest and easiest-to-use library available for Raman users,” said Nancy Morris, CEO of Metrohm Spectro in a press release about the library. “We continue to grow our library entries and focus on relevant sub-libraries to enable the application of Raman to more industries and customers.”

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique used in various scientific fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science (1). It provides several benefits that make it a valuable tool for researchers and professionals. One of the primary benefits of Raman spectroscopy is its ability to identify chemical compounds. Each molecule has a unique Raman spectrum, which serves as a fingerprint for that molecule. By analyzing the characteristic peaks and patterns in the Raman spectrum, researchers can determine the composition of a sample without the need for extensive sample preparation. The market for Raman instruments is expected to balloon to $1.8 billion by 2028, according to research from market research platform, Markets and Markets.

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Earlier this month, Metrohm announced the launch of its 2060 Raman Analyzer. The analyzer can measure five sampling points hundreds of meters away and contains two software products, IMPACT and Vision (4). IMPACT, which stands for intelligent Metrohm process analytics control technology, is designed for atline, inline, and online analysis from quality control to manufacturing (5). Metrohm’s Vision software, meanwhile, enables the use of chemometric algorithms (6). The 2060 Raman Analyzer is designed to improve the accuracy of process monitoring, enhancing its calibration with a seamless data transferability feature (4).

The company also launched its Savannah Raman module in January 2024. The Savannah Raman module includes a laser source and detection system and leverages miniature spectrometer technology, which is frequently used in handheld devices (2). In addition to these new product launches, the company also made a significant update to their Comprehensive Raman Library (MCRL).

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Metrohm’s MCRL is a library that contains over 20,000 compounds, which helps streamline material identification. According to the company, the MCRL is designed to be applicable to many industries, and it broadens applications for handheld and laboratory Raman (3). Recently, Metrohm implemented sub-libraries inside their MCRL, which helps increase identification accuracy by searching for compounds in a smaller data set.


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