Pittcon Review, Appendix X: Spectroscopy (other)

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 5

Additional information from the Spectroscopy (other) section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Excellims Corporation

Product name: AIMS2100 ESI-HPIMS

Ion mobility spectrometer

For: Lab and process analysis

New this year: When AIMS2100 is added-on to an existing MS or LC–MS system, it provides a simultaneous orthogonal IMS separation method for structure elucidation with MS analysis for peak identification. The AIMS2100 enables isomer determination functionality to resolve isobaric peaks, extending the analytical capabilities of established instrument suites.

Portable: 7H x 7W x 13D in.

Accessory/component: The spectrometer can be used simultaneously with any system capable of liquid sample handling

Special features: Mobility and mass data are generated on the same sample or LC peak to seamlessly

Suggested applications: Compound identification in drug discovery and development processes, reaction monitoring, content uniformity, purity checking, and cleaning verification

Primary benefits: The AIMS2100 provides a new dimension for sample analysis and offers significant performance advantages in isomer separation to otherwise mature technologies. Adds structure determination capabilities to existing separation systems.

Unique features: Separates isomers and analyzes samples without chromophores that UV detectors miss.

Manufacturer: Excellims Corporation

Product name: GA2100 high-performance ion mobility spectrometer (HPIMS)

Ion mobility spectrometer

For: Lab and process analysis

New this year: A Directspray electrospray ionization (ESI) source enables users to analyze samples directly from standard syringes.


Portable: 18.5H x 15W x 18.4D in.

Accessory/component: ESI ionization source that can be directly interfaced to an autosampler for batch sample processing

Description: Interfaces typical autosampler systems with the ESI source combine electrospray with IMS.

Special features: A common analysis can be completed in seconds with only a few microliters of sample

Suggested applications: At-line or on-line process analysis; compound identification, reaction monitoring, content uniformity, purity checking, on site environmental monitoring, on site food safety inspection, and cleaning verification

Primary benefits: Separates compounds by size and structural shape

Unique features: User-interchangeable sample introduction and ionization methods tailored to their application.

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific

Product name: Microvolume Accessory

Accessory for all HORIBA fluorescence spectrofluorometers

For: Lab analysis

New this year: The Microvolume Accessory allows any HORIBA spectrofluorometer to perform measurements on as little as 1 μL of sample.

Accessory/component: Cuvette adapter

Measurement mode: Steady-state and lifetime fluorescence (90°)

Description: This drop-in accessory fits into the cuvette holder of any HORIBA fluorometer and allows ultralow-volume measurements.

Special features: Optimized optics allow highest efficiency of signal collection. A removable sample chamber.

Suggested applications: synthesized/purified molecule analysis; bodily fluids analysis; immunoassay development; protein synthesis process control; nanomaterial characterization

Primary benefits: The Microvolume Accessory gives the user the advantages of both a low-cost microvolume add-on to their existing fluorometer and the sensitivity of a full-size-cuvette instrument.

Unique features: Easy to clean, resistant to carryover.

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific

Product name: Fluorolog EXTREME AND Fluorcube EXTREME

Supercontinuum laser-powered spectrofluorometers

For: Lab analysis

New this year: first integration of a supercontinuum white-light laser into a commercial spectrofluorometer. Fully integrated optically and software-wise

Measurement mode: Steady-state and lifetime fluorescence.

Special features: Plug-and-play simplicity, optimized opto-mechanical coupling, complete software integration

Suggested applications: NIR analysis of photon/phonon migration processes, singlet oxygen measurements; large diameter carbon nanotube analysis; multilabeled cell fluorescence.

Primary benefits: Flexibility in selecting excitation wavelength between visible to over 2 μm, optimized steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy.

Unique features: Software controls laser power and repetition rate of the laser source.

Manufacturer: JASCO

Product name: HDX -High-Throughput CD Measurement System

Circular dichroism spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Circular dichroism, absorbance, and fluorescence

Specialty accessorydescription: This commercially available circular dichroism measurement system allows fully automated measurements from 192 microplate wells. In addition to CD measurements Absorbance and Fluorescence are also possible

Special features: Automated thermal ramping, Sample recovery and batch processing of data

Suggested applications: Screening, quality control of biological products, Secondary structure analysis, thermal denaturation and protein structural characterization.

Primary benefits: Complete automation for multiple samples with batch processing of secondary structure and melting point determinations

Unique features: Works in circular dichroism (CD) mode as well as UV–vis absorbance and fluorescence

Manufacturer: picoSpin, LLC (Cole-Parmer is the exclusive international distribution partner)

Product name: picoSpin 45

45 MHz Miniature Benchtop NMR spectrometer

New this year: This is the world's first commercial miniature NMR spectrometer.

For: Laboratory analysis

Dimensions: <4.8 kg (10.5 lb) / 7.0 x 5.75 x 11.5 in. (shoebox size)

Description: FT-NMR 1H proton spectrometer and 19F. Primarily utilized as a spectrometer, is also relaxometry-capable.

Special features: Inexpensive, portable benchtop system for. Fully programmable pulse sequencer, 20-μL sample volume, users only require a web browser to interface, control, and archive data.

Suggested applications: Education (organic chemistry and instrumental analysis), lecture demonstration, reaction analysis, analyzing oxygen or moisture sensitive chemistries in a glove box