SciX 2023: A Look at the Wednesday Morning Oral Session on International Mail Security

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From 8:30–10:10 am, an oral session titled, “International Mail Security,” will be taking place in Southern Pacific A/G. This series of four talks will cover the latest spectroscopic research done in service of mailing applications.

At 8:30 am, Sara Kern of the United States Food and Drug Administration will initiate the session with a talk titled, “Analysis of FDA-Regulated Products for Drugs at International Mail Facilities.” This talk will go over the success and challenges associated with the satellite laboratory workflow and toolkit consisting of handheld Raman and portable FT-IR spectrometers.

Following this, at 8:50 am, Isaac Willis, a graduate student at Michigan State University, will give a talk titled, “Statistical Tools to Identify Reliable Discriminating Ions of Structurally Similar Fentanyl Analogs.” Willis’s talk will describe a method to statistically compare two mass spectra and focus on the distinction of structurally similar fentanyl analogs.


Next, at 9:10 am, Scott Huffman of Bristol Myers Squibb will give a talk titled, “Chemical Authentication and Determination of Composition of Counterfeit Drug Products?” This talk will highlight the analytical strategies and technologies used by Bristol Myers Squibb Forensics and Innovative technologies to determine the authenticity of drug products.

Finally, at 9:50 am, Mark Wang of Bristol Myers Squibb will give a talk titled, “Integration of LC-MS and DART-MS in Routine Investigations of Suspected Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drug Products and Product Quality Complaints.” This talk concludes the morning session and provides a high-level overview of how vibrational spectroscopic techniques and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) have been routinely used in investigating counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs.