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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-12-01-2017, Volume 32, Issue 12
Pages: 78

Company Description

Specac is a leading manufacturer of high quality FT-IR accessories and FT-IR/XRF sample preparation products. They regularly bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

Nobody makes more user-friendly or accurate products. ATR, diffuse reflectance, specular reflectance, and transmission are among the techniques served.

Pellets, discs, or films are covered by Specac's Atlas range of automated/manual benchtop pressing and grinding solutions. From small low tonnage manual hydraulic presses to 40-ton fully programmable powered presses with programmable loads, the Atlas range covers FT-IR, XRF, and more.

Specac products serve universities, research and development, forensics, pharmaceutical, and oil industries, and more.

Get in touch with us at to receive information and pricing on a specific application or product and to try out the equipment with a free visit from an experienced member of our team.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported


  • Infrared transmission

  • Infrared reflectance

  • Wire grid polarizers

  • Process cells

  • XRF sample preparation

  • FT-IR sample preparation

  • Bespoke optics solutions

Major Products/Services

Specac's range (fit most spectrometers) includes:

  • Pearl liquid FTIR

  • Golden Gate ATR

  • Quest ATR

  • Omni-Cell liquid FTIR

  • Gas Cells

  • Atlas Manual Hydraulic Press (0–25 ton)

  • Atlas Autotouch Automatic Hydraulic Press (8–40 ton)

  • Free-standing Wire Grid FTIR Polarizers

  • Demountable Wire Grid FTIR Polarizers


Specac has offices in the USA, UK, and China, and has a global network of dealers and distributors.

Specac Inc.
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