Welcome to FACSS

Good morning, and welcome to Spectroscopy?s coverage from FACSS 2009, held this year at the Marriott Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

Good morning, and welcome to Spectroscopy’s coverage from FACSS 2009, held this year at the Marriott Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. We will be bringing you three days of conference reports and previews of all that is noteworthy at this year’s show, which, as always, is one of the most anticipated in the field of materials analysis in general and spectroscopy in particular.

As in past years, the exhibition area will open tonight at the annual reception, but in the meantime, the technical sessions, plenary lectures, and award ceremonies will be in full swing starting this morning, and we hope you will find this meeting report to be a great resource in helping you choose when and where to be for the day. One session that looks especially promising is “Advances in THz Spectroscopy and Imaging (Applications),” which begins at 2 pm this afternoon and goes until 4 pm. Terahertz technology is one of the hottest and most intriguing areas of spectroscopy to emerge in recent years, and frequent Spectroscopy contributor Philip Taday, of TeraView Limited, UK, will lead off the session with a presentation on pharmaceutical QA/QC titled “Using Terahertz Pulsed Imaging to Help Understand Tablet Film Coating Quality: From Non-Destructive Film Coating Quality Analysis to Dissolution Prediction.” This is one of the most dramatic examples of the benefits of THz technology and should be very informative.

Presentations on real-world propulsion applications of Terahertz technology and the correlation of THz spectra to crystal structure round out the session, which promises to be one of the day’s best.

We will return tomorrow with more recommendations and previews for the second day of the conference, but in the meantime, enjoy the first day of FACSS 2009.