Brooke W. Kammrath


Portable Raman Spectrometers: How Small Can They Get?

May 28, 2023

There is a growing desire among spectroscopists for having instruments small enough to be taken to the sample, as opposed to bringing the sample to the instrument. The result is that Raman spectrometers are becoming more miniaturized. Because these instruments come at a lower cost and offer distinct advantages over traditional spectrometers, the expectation is that a rapid expansion of when these instruments are applied will come forthwith. We offer a preview of how future miniaturized Raman spectrometers might look.

Combining Spectroscopy with Microscopy for Advancing the Analysis of Forensically Relevant Traces

July 01, 2020

Forensic traces are physical remnants of past events that provide critical information for criminal and civil investigations and adjudications. The scientific examination of traces is an incredibly valuable tool for forensic investigations, because the skilled interpretation of traces yields factual answers to a range of pertinent questions.

Optimized Explosives Analysis Using Portable Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry for Battlefield Forensics

May 01, 2020

When explosives are encountered on the battlefield, the use of portable GC–MS is valuable for the detection and confirmatory identification of pre- and post-detonation threats. In addition, this technique provides information about the source of explosives based on the detection and identification of trace-level chemicals in the sample. The data presented here confirm this capability.