Katherine Bakeev


The Versatility of Portable Raman in Process Development

September 01, 2016

Raman spectroscopy is a well-suited spectroscopic technique for process development and control within development labs in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. This article demonstrates the utility of portable Raman spectroscopy as a simple and versatile tool for in-situ monitoring of reactions using univariate analysis such as peak trending, as well as multivariate analysis approaches to predict the end point of chemical reactions. Using portable Raman systems allows users to make measurements in the lab, but also serves as a proof of concept for the Raman measurements to be implemented at-line or on-line in small pilot plants or large scale production sites. For known reactions that are repetitively performed, or for continuous online process monitoring of reactions, the present approach provides a convenient solution for process understanding and the basis for future implementation.