Latevi S. Lawson


Library-Based Screening of Pharmaceutical Materials by Handheld Raman and Near-Infrared Spectrometers

September 01, 2016

The availability of quality drugs is crucial in the event of a pandemic. Here, we report our pilot efforts to perform rapid screening of anti-infective drugs for confirmation of drug product quality using near infrared and Raman library methods. The methods reported are nondestructive towards the sample and are designed to facilitate rapid physical testing of drugs at the point of use or in a field setting. We built a representative library through voluntary collaboration with six different manufacturers of antibiotic and antiviral drugs. The drugs supplied by these manufacturers are representative of imported U.S. FDA approved finished products. We successfully transferred the spectral libraries from laboratory-based instruments to field-deployable handheld near infrared and Raman instruments and challenged the library methods using independent samples from different batches.