P. Sambasivarao


Sensitive, Rapid Estimation of Moxidectin in Cattle Hair by LC–MS-MS

July 01, 2016

Moxidectin formulations help to reduce hair loss and irritation due to parasite worms in animals. So Estimation of Moxidectin in hair is important to evaluate therapeutic levels, distribution & accumulation, however estimation is also useful to evaluate harm to birds when they eat animal hair. Hence Moxidectin estimation is required for pharmacokinetic as well as environmental exposure study. Objective of the present work is to develop a rapid, selective method for the estimation of Moxidectin in Cattle Hair by LC-MS/MS. Oxcarbazepine used as a internal standard. Moxidectin extracted from cattle hair by liquid-liquid extraction using Sorenson’s Buffer as digestion solvent for incubation & methyl tert-butyl ether as an extraction solvent. Detection was performed over the range 0.026 to 1.000 ng/mG using MRM in positive polarity at unit resolution under turbo ion spray whereas separation was achieved on Kinetex 100 x 4.6 mm, 5u EVO C18 100A column with Methanol : 10mM Amonium formate pumped as gradient flow with 4.50min run time. Q1 is 640.45 whereas Q3 is sum of 528.50 and 498.50. Validation parameters shown reliable results. Method is applied for the estimation of Moxidectin in cattle Hair.