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Analyzing Cement-Pressed Pellets Via XRF

September 06, 2023

XRF is a key quality control technique for cement production. We look at results from two types of portland cement prepared as pressed pellets.

Hands-on Education with FT-IR Transmission Cells

July 13, 2023

We explore some examples of physical and chemical concepts that can be demonstrated in STEM settings with easy-to-use and accessible equipment, such as the Omni-Cell.

Rapid, Accurate Pellet Preparation for XRF

February 06, 2023

This note discusses the benefits of pressed pellet sample preparation for accurate XRF analysis and ways of improving the pellet making workflow.

Testing Motor and Hydraulic Oils with the Pearl

March 03, 2016

Test new and used motor and hydraulic oils with the new liquid transmission analysis essential from Specac, the PearlTM.