Part IV of the series describes the use of confidence limits in data analysis for calculating slope and intercept.

The authors describe a new method for making faster measurements of multidimensional NMR spectra. The technique involves acquiring a small number of projections and using them to reconstruct the entire spectrum.

Raman microscopy is one of the techniques of choice for investigating heterogeneous systems on the micrometer scale. Part I of this two-part article series reviews the issues that must be considered to interpret confocal Raman data correctly.

Mississippi State University's DIAL Lab has developed a sensor that uses cavity ringdown spectroscopy to noninvasively screen for the disease.

This book covers most of the popular atomic spectroscopy methods used for the determination of the elemental composition of materials.

When considering accurate mass and greater resolution, which mass spectrometer provides the information needed at the best purchase price and with the most accessible operational prospects?