Steve Lowry

Steve Lowry is a senior scientist with Thermo Electron Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin.


Enhanced Sensitivity to Detect Phthalates by FT-IR Analysis

September 01, 2011

Recent evidence that the phthalate plasticizers may cause health problems, particularly in children, has resulted in many countries prohibiting the use of phthalates in toys and clothing. The United States Child Safety Law actually prohibits the presence of several phthalate compounds at levels exceeding 0.1 wt % even though the commercial levels are often greater than 10%. While ATR spectroscopy works well for identifying phthalates at commercial levels, a more sensitive technique is required to detect trace levels.

Analysis of Solar Silicon Using High-Throughput Spectroscopy

August 01, 2009

Infrared spectroscopy is a powerful analysis technique used in the semiconductor industry to ensure the quality of silicon and silicon wafers. The authors discuss the use of an inexpensive, lab-based system to measure carbon and oxygen concentrations in silicon to the level of precision required by the solar silicon industry.