Appendix II: Atomic Spectroscopy



Volume 28
Issue 5

Additional information from the atomic spectroscopy section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Applied Spectra, Inc.

Product name: J200

Tandem LIBS-LA Instrument - LA system for LA-ICP-MS, LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) Instrument

New this year: The J200 Tandem enables simultaneous LA-ICP-MS and LIBS

Special Features: Uses laser ablation to enable direct solid sample analysis by generating tiny particles from your samples and transporting them to your ICP-MS instrument. The J200 Tandem uses the same laser ablation to produce a tiny micro-plasma and to capture emitted light for emission spectroscopic analysis. This tandem LA – LIBS capability enables the ability to measure specific isotopes and simultaneously obtain quantitative or qualitative analysis of major, minor and trace elements.

Compatible with quadrupole-, TOF-, and ICP-MS instruments from major manufacturers.

Suggested applications: Major/minor & trace elemental analysis for metal, mining, forensic, nuclear, & environmental industries, Isotopic analysis for geochemistry application.

Primary benefits: High precision ICP-MS isotopic measurement, concentration range from percent down to ppb, organic and lighter elements, sampling methods include bulk, inclusion, depth profiling, and elemental mapping

Unique features: Simultaneous LA-ICP-MS and LIBS measurement capability

Brooks-Rand Instruments

Product name: MERX

Mercury Analyzer

New this year: Modular system capable of testing for mercury based upon US EPA methods 245.7, 1630 and 1631

Used for: Lab analysis

Measurement Mode: Atomic fluorescence

Special Features: modular design eliminates the need for multiple mercury analyzers

Software: instrument control software is included

Suggested applications: water, sediments, biological tissue, blood, urine

Primary benefits: capable of performing total and methyl mercury analysis. Samples are purged in the vial, eliminating the need for peristaltic pumps and liquid separators.

Unique features: Completely sealed system, Less waste, lower operating cost, Longer reaction times, more reliable results, Separate sample lines to reduce contamination, Easier maintenance, Modular design

Manufacturer: Bruker

Product name: Aurora Elite


New this year: Improved performance

Used for: Lab, Process, Hand-held/portable operation

Measurement Mode: MS

Features: 1.5 GHz/ppm sensitivity, Lowest oxide ratios, 100 μs integration times, interference management.

Software: Comes complete with proprietary Quantum software for user access control, permissions, audit logging, data security. 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment, Compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Suggested applications: Environmental, food safety, water testing, semiconductor, geochemistry, nanoparticles, materials science, pharmaceutical

Primary benefits: precise and accurate quantification of 1.5 GHz/ppm:

Unique features: Aurora Elite is the most sensitive ICP-MS instrument currently on the market

Manufacturer: Milestone, Inc

Product name: FMA-80

Mercury analyzer, atomic absorption and atomic Fluorescence spectrometer

New this year: Simultaneous atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence

Used for: Lab analysis

Available as separate product, 21CFR compliant

Suggested applications: water, digested samples

Primary benefits: High sample throughput, automation, wide detection range

Unique features: One valve system, Special PVC tubing, auto blank feature

Manufacturer: Nippon Instruments Corporation – Japan

Product name: Model RA-4500 Automated Mercury Analyzer

Atomic absorption Spectrometer: Dedicated Mercury Analyzer

New this year: Full automation of the sample digestion and analysis without any user intervention.

Used for: Lab analysis

Measurement Mode: Atomic Absorption

Special Features: Full automation of sample prep and analysis. cGMP compliant

Suggested applications: waters, wastewaters, blood, urine, and other solutions

Primary benefits: Increased productivity through automation of sample preparation and seamless transfer to analysis, reduces wastes by over 90%, significant labor and operation costs reduction.

Unique features: Full automation that follows EPA and other methods. NIST-traceable temperature logging for digestion.

Manufacturer: TSI Incorporated

Product name: ChemReveal

New this year: LIBS Desktop Analyzer

New this year: software providing easier quantification and calibration, higher precision spatial analysis, smaller size, faster sample screening, improved long-term stability

Used for: Lab analysis

Measurement Mode: Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Software: Proprietary ChemLyticsNew this year: software

Available as separate product

Suggested applications: metals, pharmaceuticals, geochemical, environmental, gemology, forensics, elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals; Pb, Cd, and Cr in electronics, jewelry, and toys; drill-core samples; Carbon nanotube impurity analysis, alloy composition; Tablet coating surface uniformity; Particle loaded filters; Heat value, ash and sulfur in coal; trace and minor elements in glass, Steel and Stainless Steel; elemental analysis in ores and geological samples; forensics; Rare-Earth Elements, contaminated soils; Thin filmsd, Battery Manufacturing, nutritive balance of soils; Inclusions

Primary benefits: direct, fast, multi-elemental and chemical analysis of solids, no sample preparation.

Unique features: confluence of direct analysis, elemental range, and matrix compatibility. Two sets of cameras.

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