Appendix VII: NMR



Volume 30
Issue 5


Manufacturer: Aspect Imaging/Cosa Xentaur Corporation
Product name: Aspect Imaging AI-60
high resolution NMR system
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications, handheld, or portable use
Weight: 350 lbs
Dimensions: 22-in. w x 24-in. d x 35-in. h
Unique: Cryogen-free NMR spectroscopy without limits or restrictions. Compact, mobile, permanent magnet high resolution NMR designed for optimal use in laboratory, at-line, and on-line applications.
Measurement mode: NMR
New this year: High sensitivity, optimal spectral resolution, interchangeable probes of varying sizes all with sample temperature control. User flexibility from manual to fully automated sample preparation and sampling.
Suggested Applications: Continuous flow reaction and fermentation monitoring. Quantification of omega-3 fatty acids without separation. Rapid screening of adulterants in dietary supplements. On-line process analysis and control in: petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing. Rapid petroleum crude oil assay (at-line and on-line).


Manufacturer: Aspect Imaging/Cosa Xentaur Corporation
Product name: Cosa Xentaur SpinPulse CX-20
Time domain NMR
Measurement mode: NMR
Unique features: Modular, rugged time domain NMR system with excellent magnet stability and performance over wide temperature range. Flexible sample temperature control. Compact and safe to use in fume hood, glove box, and so on. Sampling flexibility enables a variety of sample "holders" beyond traditional NMR tubes. Modular design allows for easy integration to a variety of autosampling systems encompassing a significantly smaller footprint. "Open access" software with intuitive user interface.
Suggested applications: Emollient dispersion and concentration in consumer products. Rapid moisture measurement in ceramics, minerals, and mining oil. Moisture in grains and oil seeds. Viscosity measurement of synthetic lubricants, total hydrogen content of petroleum feeds and products, biofuels, and, green aviation fuels.


Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product name: PicoSpin
Reaction Monitoring Accessory for Benchtop NMR
For: Laboratory analysis
Measurement mode: NMR fluid capillary system
Unique features: Adds the dimension of time to benchtop NMR
New this year: The new reaction monitoring accessory for Thermo Scientific picoSpin high-resolution benchtop spectrometers enables students to monitor chemical reactions in classroom and laboratory experiments. This reaction monitoring accessory provides more information to students in real time, enabling organic chemistry instructors to enhance their curriculums and provide a richer experience in spectroscopy. The accessory includes a dedicated lesson plan with instructions on how to set up and acquire data, and procedures to process and analyze results.
Suggested applications: In teaching environments, students gain hands-on experience of chemical reaction mechanisms, kinetics, thermodynamics, and other physical organic properties to complement the core of your undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

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