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Application notes are a great opportunity for suppliers to inform the scientific marketplace about the latest applications and areas of method development.

We are happy to present Spectroscopy's first application notebook for 2011. As we enter our 10th year of these supplements, we are very proud of their success. Our February Application Notebook means that the excitement of the biggest analytical event of the year, Pittcon, is just around the corner. While most people are enjoying the snow, looking forward to the Super Bowl, or hoping that spring will soon be here, our dedicated staff is working diligently to help deliver the latest application notes to analytical chemists. The Application Notebook will be one of the most sought-after issues on display at our booth at Pittcon.

In 2010, Spectroscopy celebrated its 25th anniversary of serving the analytical chemistry marketplace. Over the years, we have all witnessed so many changes. One thing that has not changed, however, is scientists' hunger for the latest application notes; in every audience survey we do, the notes continue to rank high on our readers' wish lists. We have answered this demand in both print and digital form: In 2011, we will publish three print application notebooks (February, September, and December), and will continue to offer another avenue for you to receive current application notes with our e-application note alert. You will receive those special alerts six times this year.

Application notes continue to be a great opportunity for suppliers of spectroscopy equipment and accessories to inform the scientific marketplace about the latest applications and areas of method development for their products. At Pittcon, please feel free to stop by our booth (#3218) to discuss what you think about these developments and the future of spectroscopy.

Also at the conference, Spectroscopy and LCGC are proud to be producing live vidcasts at our Pittcon Theater, set to run Monday, March 14 through Wednesday, March 16, at booth #3217. The first two days of the theater will see a lineup of the industry's most respected and well-known experts speaking on topics from molecular and atomic spectroscopy to HPLC/UHPLC, GC, GC–MS, and LC–MS, bringing listeners cutting-edge information in analytical technology.

Enjoy the issue. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

Michael J. Tessalone

Science Group Publisher

Michael J. Tessalone

Edward Fantuzzi


Edward Fantuzzi

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