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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-12-01-2015, Volume 30, Issue 12

Company Description

Laser Components USA, Inc., located in Bedford, New Hampshire, is the exclusive distributor in the US and Canada for CODIXX, a manufacturer of dichroic glass polarizers for the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral ranges. These polarizers are distributed under the brand name "colorPol®". All colorPol® polarizers fully comply with RoHS, REACH, and PFOS.

CODIXX is a corporation under German law, established in 1998.

Markets Served

The general markets served by colorPol® polarizers are optical telecommunication, medical and life science, space industry, semiconductor industry, R&D, displays, and measurement instrumentation, just to mention a few.

Major Products/Services


A colorPol® polarizer is an easy-to-use polarizer with exceptional polarization characteristics. It comes as a thin glass plate with a thickness of less than 300 μm and can be processed like glass. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents, most acids and bases and complies with international RoHS regulations. It works at temperatures from below -50 °C (-58°F) to above 400 °C (+750 °F). In UV, VIS, NIR, and MIR range (340 nm up to 5 μm) these polarizers feature a high acceptance angle of ± 20°, high transmittance up to 98%, a very high contrast up to 107:1.


Laser Components USA, Inc: Bedford, NH, USA

CODIXX: Barleben, Germany

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